🐙 The 7 biggest lessons from building my $270,000 course

skills you take for granted can make you a fortune

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Picture this:

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, nervously watching the countdown timer on my launch page. 10...9...8...

My palms are sweatier than a middle schooler asking his crush to prom.

What if no one buys?

Did I make a mistake investing months of work into this course?

The timer hits zero. I close my eyes and slam the laptop closed.

I can't bear to look.

12 hours later, I got the courage to reopen my screen. My jaw drops.

154 people purchased the course in the first 12 hours.

I’d just made $24,000 in one day.

I screamed so loud my neighbors banged on the wall telling me to shut up.

But I didn't care - I was walking on air!

Today, I’m sharing my 7 biggest lessons from building, launching, and selling the AI Audience Accelerator.

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Lesson 1: What you do everyday will blow someone elses’ mind

There are people who’d get mind-blown by the stuff you do every day.

You just don’t realise it until you share your habits publicly.

Never underestimate how much you can help someone just by teaching them something very basic.

People will pay for skills that come so natural to you, you think that everyone knows them.

Lesson 2: 90% of your courses’ trust is built before you launch

Guys, it’s like Alex Hormozi says:

The more goodwill you build up, the easier it is to sell a product.

I think a main reason for the AI Audience Accelerators’ $270k+ success was that I’d spent countless hours creating value through newsletters and Twitter content before.

The most extreme example of this:

One week ago, I launched a $1 product and someone paid 180 bucks for it, just because they huge buildup of goodwill.

Your trust bank account = your real bank account in 6-12 months.

Trust = money

But be careful to take out too much at once, cause it can kill your future prospects.

Lesson 3: Overdelivering post-purchase builds loyalty

Regular product updates post-launch increase its perceived value, prompting customers to pay more as it eliminates the need for repurchase.

The more you can surprise people free extra knowledge…

…the more likely they are to support you later.

After my customers bought the course, I continued providing bonus material like exclusive Q&As and additional modules.

Even though they already paid, I wanted them to feel they made the best purchasing decision ever. This resulted in tons of word-of-mouth promotion.

Overdelivering leads to happy customers who become your best affiliates.

Lesson 4: Creating an amazing product that blows people’s minds is the best marketing you can do

If you build an amazing product and you overdeliver, your customers will market your product for you.

People will comment other other creators tweets…

…write LinkedIn posts about your product…

…and recommend their friends to buy it as well.

Once you get the product right, everything else falls into place.

Lesson 5: Selling digital courses feels like magic (build once, sell forever)

Even a few weeks after launching the AI Audience Accelerator, I hadn’t gotten used to the feeling of earning money while I slept.

Somehow, selling a $197 product on autopilot feels much more effortless than, say, consulting.

Once I’d gone through the (hard) building phase, I felt a deep sense of reward whenever I saw my Thrivecart balance increase.

Yeah, it's amazing to build digital product.

Lesson 6: Customers will tell you what to build.

Finding the best product to build takes 10X longer than you think.

Spending more time on product-market-research than anyone else was willing to do became my advantage.

Because if you talk to them enough, customers will actually tell you EXACTLY what you should build.

Most people talk to 2, 3 or 5 customers…

…I spoke to 40+.

And that made all the difference.

(I did 15-30 min free consulting calls in exchange for feedback!)

Lesson 7: Building a course skyrockets authority

Once you start selling your knowledge, and people learn from you…

…like the you perceived authority just 10X:es out of the gate.

In my case, some publications like Benzinga and Business Insider wrote about my course after launch.

Becoming a teacher and a leader really adds a lot to it like personal brand value.

Before I did my course, most people just saw me as a “creator”

After my launch, people thought about me as an entrepreneur and teacher.


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I’m enjoying the last sunshine before I’ll head back to Germany

for Christmas soon.

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