🐙 7 lessons from making $105K in 4 days

what a launch week it was...

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Hey solopreneur!

Buckle up.

I'm about to tell you the wild story of my latest course launch — a story that started with a dream, a laptop, and enough Red Bull to fuel a small country.

In case you missed it, last week I launched my brand new course called The AI Course Creator

Designed to help ANYONE create and sell digital products 10x faster than the competition with AI.

The result? A mind-blowing $105,000 in just 4 days.

But it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, my friends.

I learned some valuable lessons along the way, and I'm here to spill the tea.

Get ready to take notes, because these 7 insights could be the key to unlocking your own digital product success story…

Let’s d-d-d-d-dive in! 🤿

I built this free 5-Day Email course to help you find, validate, and build a blueprint for your own $100,000 digital course.

Inside, you’ll learn how to use AI to:

  • Rapidly identify your Zone of Genius

  • Reverse-engineer a highly demanded course from your audience's feedback

  • Design a blueprint for a 6-figure digital product that earns while you sleep

…all in just 5 days.

These are the exact systems I used to generate now over $400K in digital product revenue.

Lesson 1: Reverse-engineer your journey

Creating my first course, the AI Audience Accelerator (AAA), was a true test of my determination and sanity.

I faced countless obstacles, from late nights hunched over my laptop to sacrificing my social life and well-being.

There were moments when I questioned if it was all worth it, but I kept pushing forward, fueled by copious amounts of caffeine.

As I reflected on this grueling journey, I realized that my struggles were not unique:

Course creators everywhere were facing the same challenges, desperately seeking a way to streamline the process.

That's when I had my lightbulb moment – I could combine my hard-earned course creation knowledge with my AI expertise to help others build digital products more efficiently.

Your action step:

Reflect on your own journey and identify the challenges you faced. Use this insight to create a product that solves a real problem in your niche, while keeping in mind the personal sacrifices you may need to make along the way.

Lesson 2: Design with the user in mind

I knew that a frustrating user experience could make or break my course's success.

So, I put on my designer hat and got to work.

I streamlined the course and built it inside Circle.

I obesses about limiting choices for the course taker. Because the more choices you leave for someone, its easier for them to overthink. And overthinking is what gets people stuck.

I even used advanced AI audio treatment to create a seamless learning experience (my Room is quiet reverby, so it immsenly increased audio quality.

The result?

A user-friendly course that my students could navigate with ease.

Your action step:

Always prioritize user experience when creating your product. Simplify navigation, use intuitive platforms like Circle, Skool or Notion and leverage technology to enhance the learning process.

Lesson 3: Harness the power of email

Email marketing, my friends, is the unsung hero of digital product sales.

A jaw-dropping 97% of my sales came from email, with 70% being repeat customers from my previous course.

That means only 3% came from social media.

I also launched a free 5-day email course, "The AI Course Blueprinter" a week before the product launch.

This primed nearly 40% of my buyers and I believe helped send conversions through the roof.

My free Email course made the reader problem aware and already helped them to start working to get the result that they wanted (e.g. building a course).

Your action step:

Build a targeted email list and nurture your subscribers with valuable content. Create a free email course that provides real value and warms up potential buyers for your paid product.

Lesson 4: Don't shy away from premium pricing

I'll admit, I was a bit nervous about pricing my new course at $597, which was 2-3x higher than the AAA.

But guess what?

Only one person complained, and the positive feedback far outweighed any concerns.

This experience taught me three crucial lessons:

  1. Focus on creating exceptional value, and the price becomes secondary.

  2. When people invest more, they're more likely to engage with and appreciate the product.

A higher priced product also means you need to convert less people.

This also means: Less technical problems, customer support etc.

Your action step:

Don't undervalue your product. Price it based on the transformation it provides, and trust that the right people will invest in their success.

Lesson 5: Embrace the unsubscribe

During my launch, I sent a high volume of emails – between 2-4 per day.

Beforehand, I was worried that this would annoy many of my readers.

Admittedly, I lost some subscribers (over 1,000, to be precise), but in the end it was worth it.

Because despite the bleeding, my revenue skyrocketed.

And those who unsubscribed were likely not my ideal customers in the first place.

But always look at like this:

Each time you provide free value to pay into your audience “trust bank”

If you sell to them, you withdraw some magic-internet-money coins from the “trust vault”.

Always maximize giving value first.

Your action step:

Don't be afraid to promote your product consistently during a launch. Focus on providing value in every email, and remember that unsubscribes are a natural part of the process.

Lesson 6: Celebrate your wins

Launching this course gave my confidence a major boost and cemented my authority in the niche.

Even though it might seem that I am quote-on-quote “successful” in my niche, I’m still ridden by massive amounts of self-doubt.

It was a relief to prove to myself that I wasn't just a one-hit wonder, especially after the blood, sweat, and tears I poured into the AAA.

But more importantly, it reminded me to celebrate my victories, take time to recharge, and nurture genuine relationships with fellow creators.

Your action step:

Take a moment to celebrate your achievements, big and small. Collaborate with other creators, share experiences, and support one another. These relationships can lead to invaluable testimonials and increased trust with your audience.

Lesson 7: Continuously analyze and optimize

Although my conversion rates were lower than the AAA, I expected this given the higher price point and more targeted audience.

That being said, I’ve identified some tweaks I’ll make to the landing page for the relaunch to boost conversions.

I've also discovered that I prefer building medium—to higher-ticket products because it attracts committed students who value their investment and are more likely to take action.

Your action step:

Regularly analyze your product's performance and identify areas for improvement. Optimize your sales pages, refine your targeting, and gather feedback from customers to enhance future iterations.

While I’m still recovering from my Red Bull hangover…

I've gained so much knowledge about:

  • Creating valuable products

  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction

  • And believing in my own worth (happy to see I’m not just a one-hit wonder!)

But the most rewarding aspect is knowing that I've helped countless people transform their lives while generating $105K in just four days.

All because I identified a valuable pain point I’d experienced, and dedicated myself to building a system that could solve it for other people.

I'm excited to continue creating game-changing products that solve more real problems and make a lasting impact.

Until next time,



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