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Greet from the deep,

In this edition, I’ll show you how to get tailored feedback on your LinkedIn profile in seconds just like this:

…so that you can optimize your digital landing page (your profile) to attract more opportunities.

You’ll learn:

  • My simple mental model for thinking about LinkedIn profiles (steal it)

  • The Who-Why-How Framework for creating a great LinkedIn profile (stop overcomplicating it)

  • How to get world-class LinkedIn profile feedback in 10 seconds with the Ligma LinkedIn Profile prompt


We will make your LinkedIn profile great again.

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My simple mental model for thinking about LinkedIn profiles (steal it)

To me, optimizing my LinkedIn profile feels like an endless grind.

It's a brutal battle of tinkering and guessing.

Even worse, every “personal branding expert” on LinkedIn seems to have an opinion about how you should do it.

"Write a self-centered headline!"

"No, make your headline about how you help others."

"Use emojis!"

"Avoid emojis - they look childish!"

Still, LinkedIn profile optimization is kinda like crypto investing:

It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it, but if you don’t do it, you’re leaving money $$$ on the table.

Because your LinkedIn profile is your digital landing page.

It matters because it’s the gateway that converts your rented audience into your owned audience (newsletter) or clients (sales calls).

If your LinkedIn profile doesn’t convert your short-term attention from your LinkedIn posts into clients and newsletter subs…

…you’re not reaping the benefits of your hard work.

Bad profile: Converts 1% of 100,000 impressions into newsletter subs

= 1000 subs

Good profile: Converts 3% of 100,000 impressions into newsletter subs

= 3000 subs

Just by investing time once into creating a great profile, you can 3X your results from LinkedIn later.

If that’s not powerful, I don’t know what is.


efore we dive into the prompt, let’s cover the 3 essential parts of every LinkedIn profile:

The Who-Why-How Framework for creating a great LinkedIn profile (stop overcomplicating it)

There are thousands of different tutorials for creating a great LinkedIn profile already.

Most of them overcomplicate it.

In reality, it all boils down to 3 things on your profile:

  • Who you’re talking to

  • Why you are different

  • How you help them

Here’s what you should consider:

1) Who are you talking to

Be crystal clear on your target is and CALL THEM OUT.

Most people don’t have the balls to call out 1 specific audience because they fear that they’ll alienate the remaining 99%.

But that’s EXACTLY what you want to do.

A specific audience is a monetizable audience.

…and a specific profile attracts a specific audience.

Bad example:

I help solopreneurs grow their business.

Good example:

I help solopreneurs making less than $2k/month use AI to double their revenue.

2) Why you're different

People on LinkedIn see 100s of profiles every day.

You need to give them a reason for why you’re different.

Some ways to do this:

  • Credibility: Show you’re more credible than your competitors

  • Unique mechanism: Show that you offer something nobody else offers

  • Unique target audience: Serve a unique audience

If this is hard for you, it’s probably because you aren’t that different (yet).

To work out your differentiation and positioning, consider this past edition:

Bad example:

I have over 10 years of marketing experience.

Good example:

As ex-crypto trader, I show solopreneurs how to use AI like Claude for business growth. My newsletter is read by over 500k solopreneurs.

3) How you help them

Write out how you help clients.

Your target audience is wandering around your profile with 1 question in mind:

Can this person help me?

If they don’t know how you can help them, they won’t follow you.

Bad example:

I provide marketing services.

Good example:

I give solopreneurs step-by-step training on leveraging AI for getting less clients through my AI Audience Aborter program.

(lmk if I should drop the AI Audience Aborter for April fools lol)

Bonus: Principles for upgrading your profile

Some more rapid tips:

1) Invest in a clean headshot

2) Have consistent colors on your profile (no more than 2)

3) Use the “Featured” section to show credibility and direct traffic

Now that you know these basics, let’s dive into an AI prompt that does all of this for you:

How to get world-class LinkedIn profile feedback in 10 seconds with the Ligma LinkedIn Profile prompt

This prompt helps you get feedback on your LinkedIn profile immediately:

I would like you to thoroughly analyze the attached LinkedIn profile image and provide comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please assess the profile across the following key areas:

Personal Brand Messaging
What is the core brand message this profile conveys about the person? Is there a clear positioning statement?
Does the messaging align with their industry, target audience and goals? Is it authentic?
Assess use of profile headline, about section, featured section, experience summary etc to convey brand message
Content Presentation
Evaluate structure, formatting, use of visuals, text density and scanability
Is content organized effectively for the medium? Is it easy to quickly grasp key info?
Suggest improvements to hierarchy, layout, incorporation of relevant images etc
Identify any calls-to-action (CTAs). Are they prominent, clear and compelling?
Evaluate if CTAs align to core audience and messaging. Any mismatch?
Suggest additional CTAs that could be effective.
Audience Engagement
Assess use of headlines, visuals and text to capture attention and interest
Identify any areas that lack impact or relevance to core target audience
Suggest improvements to cuts through noise and spark engagement
For each section, highlight current strengths first before constructive feedback. Provide 5-7 tangible, realistic suggestions focused on aligning to a clear personal brand, attracting the ideal audience and prompting them to engage further.

Frame feedback thoughtfully and sensitively. Consider potential constraints but push creative boundaries. The goal is transforming this into an outstanding, results-driven profile.
  1. Take a screenshot of your profile like this:

  2. Paste it into ChatGPT together with the prompt

  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile by reading through the feedback

You can even ask GPT things like: “draft 5 new tagline for me implementing your feedback”:

Here’s an example of it’s output:

(sadly can’t share chat yet bc it doesn’t support images)

It roasted the shit out of me lol… I guess I should clarify my profile a bit.


  • My simple mental model for thinking about LinkedIn profiles (steal it)

  • The Who-Why-How Framework for creating a great LinkedIn profile (stop overcomplicating it)

  • How to get world-class LinkedIn profile feedback in 10 seconds with the Ligma LinkedIn Profile prompt

Since I’m back in Cyprus I got a new daily visitor.

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