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  • 🎅🐙 Christmas Special: How to use AI to write funny family Christmas stories

🎅🐙 Christmas Special: How to use AI to write funny family Christmas stories

have fun with your family

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Ho, ho, ho!

In the AI Solopreneur newsletter, I usually write about how solopreneurs can make more money, be more effective, and build their following.

But at the end of the day, none of these things matter as much as relationships.

No amount of money can buy the quality of life you get from friends and family.

That’s why I’m dedicating this Christmas special edition about how to write funny Christmas stories for your family.

We will cover:

  • How laughing makes for a great Christmas (even if you have family conflict)

  • How to write funny Christmas stories with the “Jingle Bell Jester” prompt

Let’s jump on the sled and slide in!

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How laughing makes for a great Christmas

For most people, Christmas is a happy time of the year.

But there can be a painful undertone to the holidays:

Many families have their conflicts, too.

Whether it’s politics, sports, or old grudges, there’s always some meaningless thing to argue about.

It’s often from a lack of mutual understanding.

Like when I try to explain what I do for a living to my older family members:

And while I’m not a therapist…

I do know the number 1 solution to conflict is laughter.

When you can laugh together, you can talk together.

That’s why I specifically made the Christmas story framework so that it jokes light-heartedly about all family member’s unique features, while also appreciating them.

If this can just help 1 reader have a happier Christmas, that’d make this prompt more valuable than anything else I’ve created.

Let’s dive into it:

How to write funny Christmas stories with the “Jingle Bell Jester” prompt

This prompt helps you write a funny Christmas story:

I want you to write a funny Christmas story, following the Characters-Interaction-Conflict-Resolution framework.

The characters of the story should be:


Here's how to use the  Characters-Interaction-Conflict-Resolution framework:

Characters: Introduce the main characters by detailing their unique personalities and hobbies. For example, a character who loves cooking might attempt to create an extravagant Christmas feast.
Interaction: Describe how these characters' hobbies and personalities lead to humorous interactions. For instance, the cooking enthusiast might team up with a tech-savvy character to automate the Christmas dinner, leading to unexpected results.
Conflict: Create a light-hearted conflict or challenge based on their hobbies. Maybe the automated cooking goes hilariously wrong, or a character's love for Christmas crafts leads to an over-decorated, chaotic house.
Resolution: Conclude with the characters coming together, combining their hobbies and skills to solve the problem in a funny and heartwarming way, reinforcing the spirit of Christmas and togetherness.


1) Joke about the people in a slightly self-depreciating way, but without going overboard - this story is meant to be funny for the people to read and make them laugh about themselves
2) Make it 800 words long
3) It needs to be in a Christmas setting
  1. The more detailed you are, the more accurate the story and the jokes will be.


    Ole: a crypto investor and creator of a digital business that his family doesn't understand. he also likes psychedelics”

    “Katja: Ole's girlfriend who's into design”

    “Hans: Ole's odd brother who is a hippie”

    “Greta: Ole's mom who loves to be meticulous about cooking the right meals at Christmas”

  2. Say something in the likes of:

    “Grandma, you know this new AI stuff? I asked it to write a story about our family and it’s actually pretty funny. I’d love to read it for you”

Here’s an example of the Christmas story it wrote for me, A Crypto Christmas Conundrum

“Ole, ever the tech enthusiast, attempted to explain his latest crypto venture to his family, with as much success as a snowman trying to sunbathe.”

Truer words have never been said.


  • How laughing makes for a great Christmas (even if you have family conflict)

  • How to write funny Christmas stories with the “Jingle Bell Jester” prompt

Germans perfected the butter + sugar ratio with our beloved “Spritzgebäck”.

That’s the fuel the AI Solopreneur is running on right now.

I wish you all a merry Xmas, thank you for all the support <3.

Keep diving,


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