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Ladies and gentlemen!

Let me introduce you to today’s combatants:

In the left corner, we have GPT “Multi Mode Mangler” 4…

In the right corner, we have “Sultan of Word Salads”, Claude 2!

Today, we will settle which one of them is the best!

Jokes aside, you asked me to compare Claude2.1 vs GPT4 Turbo for you.

They will face off in 3 fighting rounds:

1) Writing

2) Versatility

3) Integrations

…and at the end, we will have a winner, and I’ll share my 4 rules of thumb for when to use which model.


Let’s get into round 1!

Boxing fight bell rings

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Claude 2.1 vs GPT4Turbo: Writing

When it comes to writing power…

Claude 2.1 has the clear edge.

With its 200K token context window, Claude can deeply comprehend and summarize large volumes of text with ease.

Also, it sounds much more human and natural in copywriting… somehow it picks up the nuances better.

GPT-4 puts up a decent fight when texts are under 82K tokens.

But this first round ends with a clear knock out by Claude 2.1

Round 1 - Writing: Claude 2.1 wins

Claude 2.1 vs GPT4Turbo: Versatility

Versatility is where GPT-4 Turbo lands solid body blows.

It’s able to:

  • Read and produce images

  • Listen to audio

  • Watch video

Also, it has Code Interpreter, and the GPT app allows you to chat with it while walking.

Not even to mention that you can create your own GPTs.

Since Claude only handles text, it lacks the flexibility of GPT-4.

Sure it’s second to none in writing, but throw other media at it and Claude short-circuits.

For versatility, GPT-4 is champ.

Round 2 - Versatility: GPT4Turbo wins

Claude 2.1 vs GPT4Turbo: Integrations 

Both models play nice with third-party apps thanks to their API access.

Claude integrates smoothly with data analytics platforms to crunch enterprise text at scale.

GPT-4 on the other hand gels better with creative tools like DALL-E for its multi-input talents.


I have to give GPT4 the winner here, because its plugins allow the end user to use it with other apps much easier than Claude.

Round 3 - Integrations: GPT4Turbo wins

My 4 rules of thumb for when to use which model

Rule 1: If I have to write anything, I prefer Claude

It just produces better output

Rule 2: If I handle a task where I need any input/output that’s not text, I use GPT4

I find that GPT4’s ability to “reason” around different inputs is very powerful, and it’s great for converting all kinds of inputs and outputs.

Rule 3: If I have a longer prompt, I use Claude

Claude 2.1 seems to retain knowledge better than GPT4.

 Rule 4: If I’m toying around with prompts & want to edit them, I used GPT4

I find Claude 2.1 frustrating when I develop new prompts, because I have to wait for the output to try again.

It’s much faster to create & test new prompts in GPT 4.


If you want to learn even more on the benefits of Claude, you can read this Twitter thread:

  • Claude is great for writing & long prompts

  • GPT4 for anything else

  • When creating new prompts, use GPT so you can edit them

I’m enjoying my last week in the sun before I head back to artic

temperatures in Germany.

After living 1 year abroad now, I can say it with confidence:

Life is just better when it’s warm and the sea is close.

I’m still looking forward to my yearly dose of Christmas markets.

Keep diving,


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