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  • 🐙 How to create 100s of business logos with Midjourney in 5 minutes

🐙 How to create 100s of business logos with Midjourney in 5 minutes

Creating professional logos has never been easier

Read time: 5 minutes | Sponsor this newsletter

Greet from the deep,

It’s Ole from the AI Solopreneur here - and today, I’m summoning up my inner YouTuber for you.

How come?

Well, you asked to learn about how to create a logo in Midjourney in 5 minutes, so I decided to put together a video guide for you.

Creating a cool logo has 3 big benefits:

1) It looks cool

2) Customers perceive you as more professional (due to the Halo effect)

3) You gain a visual identity and become more memorable

Just 2 years ago, you’d have to hire a logo designer for $50 to create one design…

…but now, AI can create hundreds of designs at the fraction of the time and cost.


1) Watch this video guide of me walking through the process:

2) If you need any clarification or prefer reading, see the written guide below:

Let’s create some log-oz!

Step 1: Set Up Midjourney

1. Create a Discord account

In this tutorial, we will use Midjourney to create logos.

It’s a 10/10 in terms of it’s image generating capabilities - but a 4/10 on in terms of accessibility.

You can only access it through the Discord app.

2. Verify your Discord account (click this)

If your account is new, you’ll receive an Email from Discord to verify.

You need to verify your account to engage with Midjourney.

3. Subscribe to a Midjourney Plan


Yes, Midjourney costs $10 a month for 1000s of high-quality AI images.

I still think the price is a steal for solopreneurs.

View it this way:

If you could hire a world-class designer to create 100 high-quality logos in 10 minutes for you for $10, would you do it?

In either case, here’s how you subscribe:

2) Sign in using your verified Discord account.

3) Choose a subscription plan that suits your needs (the lowest $10 tier is enough)

4. Join the Midjourney Server on Discord

To start interacting with the Midjourney Bot and generate AI images, join the Midjourney Server.

Paste or type the following URL: http://discord.gg/midjourney and press Join.

5.  Send a DM to the Midjourney bot to generate images

The Midjourney bot looks like this:

1) Click on the Midjourney Bot from the Member List (or anywhere you see the Midjourney Bot's name)

  • Send any message to the Midjourney Bot.

  • This will begin your Direct Message conversation with the Midjourney Bot.

If you can’t message the bot, make sure your privacy settings are set up like this:

And voila! We are all set up.

To clarify, you don’t need to do this ever again, and from now, you can generate AI images through Discord in seconds.

Let’s create some logos.

Step 2: Create a Logo

Video tutorial

1) Slide into the DMs of the Midjourney Bot ;)

Then, use this prompt structure to create logos:

a minimalist logo for [DESCRIPTION], 2d, concept, [COLORWAY], high contrast, bright

1) Fill in the [DESCRIPTION] with any elements you’d like to be in the logo, such as:

“a large letter S”

“an octopus”

“a flexing biceps”

2) Fill in the [COLORWAY] with the colors you want to use in the logo, for example:

“dark purple gradient with a black colorway”

“aqua blue colorway”

“fiery red and yellow colorway”

3) Optional: to create more variations of the logo, you can change the logo style in the first few words of the prompt. For example: 

“a futuristic logo for…”

“a modern logo for…”

“a complex logo for…”

3 Examples of prompts and logos:


a minimalist logo for an octopus, 2d, concept, dark purple gradient with a black colorway, high contrast, bright


a modern logo for a coffee brand, 2d, concept, earthy colors, high contrast, bright


a minimalist logo for a psychedelic mushroom brand, 2d, concept, black and white colors, high contrast, bright

Advanced: Upscaling and Variating Logos

After you’ve found a logo you find interesting, there are 2 further ways you can increase it’s quality:

1) Upscaling: Increasing the resolution of the image

2) Variating: Creating 4 images similar to the one you already have

How to use Upscaling

1) After generating images, press the “U” button for the image you want to upscale (images 1-4, read from left to the right, top to the bottom):

2) Wait for the magic to happen and voila! Your upscaled image is ready.

Creating Variations Like a Pro

1) To create variations of an image, press the “V” button for the image you want to vary

2) Get the variations!

You can upscale and variate the logos indefinitely until you’ve found one you’re happy with.

Wrap up


  • How to get Midjourney

  • How to create logos in seconds in Midjourney

  • How to upscale and vary Midjourney images

I planned to eat every single strudel and langos in Budapest today, but ya boy woke up sick…

So now I’m sippin’ ginger tea instead.

Please go out and have some fun on my behalf.

Keep diving,


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