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(even if you're a beginner)

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Greet from the deep,

I just learned about something pretty exciting - video sales letters (VSLs).

Apparently, these simple 3-6 minute sales videos can help solopreneurs like us MOOOON our conversions.

When I first heard about it, I'll admit it sounded like some 2014 Grant Cardone scam page:

Too good to be true.

Could a short video I record on my phone really outperform my carefully crafted 1200-word sales letters?

The more I learn though, the more intrigued I become.

Because I have ADHD myself and think TikTok is f*cking people’s attention spans…

…I believe sales pitches need to become fast and to-the-point.

And that seems to be working.

My educational email course landing page is just a few bullet points and converting at +80%:

So I'm committing right now to testing Loom VSLs in the next month.

In this edition, I’ll share with you:

  • Why VSLs have me so excited

  • The only 3 steps you need to take to launch your first Video Sales Letter

  • Draft your first video sales letter in 2 minutes using the Video Victifyer prompt

Let's get ready to sell more while doing less!

9 months ago, the FTX scam stole my hard-earned money.

But through consistent content creation and the use of AI, I was able to get back on my feet again in record time (and create >350k in revenue)

That’s why I built my course, the AI Audience Accelerator.

It will teach you:

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1820 people joined the course and their reviews are incredible.

Why VSLs have me so excited

As solopreneurs, our time is extremely limited...

So I'm always on the hunt for proven sales tactics that convert visitors effortlessly.

VSLs seem to check all the boxes:

  • Higher engagement - video keeps attention better than text

  • Fast production - no fancy editing or equipment needed (just Tella)

  • Builds trust faster - viewers build a connection by seeing your face

  • Great conversions - VSLs can perform extremely well

When done right, a simple VSL can sell for you 24/7.

And due to the personal nature, it builds trust and authority at scale.

The downside?

The time commitment to record the initial video.

“Normal” VSLs usually involve paying an editor, adding motivational background music, and a $500 mic.

That’s why I wanna try a NEW kind of VSL:

The Tella VSL.

Tella is a video recording software kinda like Loom, except it allows you to re-record passages of your video, which is really helpful if you f*ck up many times like I do.

(not affiliated)

Here’s the idea:

You create a sales script for yourself using the prompt I’m about to give you, then record yourself with Tella.

I’m gonna test this out for myself very soon after I’ve finished recording my upcoming course the AI Course Creator (it’s about as meta as it gets - I used AI to create a course about how you can create a course with AI).

Here’s the 3-step process:

The only 3 steps you need to take to launch your first Video Sales Letter

My plan to test Loom VSLs in the next month

If VSLs live up to even half their hype for solopreneurs, I need to be testing them yesterday!

Here's an overview of my game plan:

1) Select the right offer

I'll start by identifying the low-hanging fruit - which existing offer do I think would benefit most from a Tella VSL treatment?

Current ideas:

  • VSL for the AI Audience Accelerator

  • VSL for my new upcoming course

  • VSL for mini products

My thinking on this is that VSLs, like normal sales letters, work for any offer.

So I’m implementing VSLs wherever I think they could earn me the most money.

(would love your thoughts/advice on this)

2) Craft the script

Using proven sales letter frameworks, I'll script out the key sections for an effective yet natural video pitch.

Spoiler: I made a GPT prompt for this that I’ll cover soon.

I’ve never been good at reading scripts 1:1 so I’ll probably add some of my special German curry sauce to it:

(mmmh, currywurst)

3) Record the script using Tella

Time to get on camera!

Well, at least my/your face + laptop screen.

I’ll print the script or use my second display to have the script up while showing my student’s results as proof on the main screen.

Maybe I’ll create a small slide deck. Maybe I’ll just record myself. I don’t know - I’ll update you on what works best for me.

Now, to the fun part:

Writing the VSL with AI.

Draft your first video sales letter in 2 minutes using the Video Victifyer prompt

This prompt draft a video sales letter based on world-famous copywriter Jim Edwards’ VSL formula:

I want you to write a video sales letter script for me.

For context [INSERT CONTEXT]

The product I sell is [INSERT YOUR PRODUCT]


To write the video sales letter, I want you to use the following framework:

Most people’s video sales letters don’t sell a damn thing. Not because they can’t make video (that’s the easy part), but because they don’t know what to SAY in their videos to actually make a sale!

To help solve that problem, here’s a proven formula you can use right now to massively improve your video sales letter results by coming up with a better script. Some of these sections might only be a sentence, but it’s still important to get these ideas across to make an effective video sales letter.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re a realtor, please don’t get offended by my example. I may be a little extreme in my example, but it’s for illustration purposes only. I spent 10 years as a mortgage broker and realtor, so I’m very aware of the flip side of the argument I’m about to make in the following example.

Part 1 – Open With a Shocking Statement

Start with a shocking statement that is bound to grab your target audience’s attention and snap them out of whatever hypnosis they might find themselves in at the moment.

Ex: Attention Homeowners. Are you going to let a realtor steal 50% or more of your hard-earned home equity?

Part 2 – State the Problem and WHY Its’ a Big Deal

In this section, you tell your target audience what problem they face, and why it’s something they can’t ignore. I’ll often do this with a list of bullets, especially if I’m doing the VSL in PowerPoint.

Ex: Even though realtors only charge 6% commission, that commission could represent a huge chunk of your equity, especially in today’s market. That means:

You’re paying out a huge chunk of your profit just to have your house listed in the MLS where it may or may not sell
Most listing agents never sell or even show the houses they list.
You’re paying to have your houses entered into an online database, and that’s basically it!
Part 3 – Agitate the Problem

Agitate the problem means make it worse. Rub their noses in WHY this is a lot worse than they think. Especially if they either tend to put their head in the sand, or just don’t realize what a big problem this is for them.

Ex: But that’s not the end of the problem… it actually gets worse!

If you pay all your equity out to the realtor, you won’t be able to make as big a down payment on your next house.
In fact, with less down payment, you might not qualify for the house you want because your realtor needs to use your equity to make the payment on their Mercedes!
Slide4Part 4 – Make It Even Worse For Them (PUSH IT Over The Line)

Hit them – HARD – on an emotional level. You’ve got to make it even worse to the point you almost feel bad about rubbing their noses in it.

Ex: And worst of all, despite all the promises they make about how they’ll market your home, the only real strategy most realtors care about is getting you to lower your price – which takes another great big whack out of your equity. Realtors don’t care if you walk away with a dime of your equity as long as they get their commission. Don’t believe me? Ask a realtor to take a reduced commission to sell your house and see what they say.

Your equity is what’s really at stake here; NOT the sale of your house.

Part 5 – Introduce The Solution

This is where you show them that you have the solution to their problem. You can save the day!

Ex: But luckily for you, there’s now a solution. Introducing “Selling Your Home Alone” where you’ll discover:

How to sell your house and save the entire commission
How to get MORE exposure for your house online than any realtor can give you
Specific strategies to price your house for maximum profit
How to get free work out of realtors, and only pay them if they actually bring you a buyer
Part 6 – Credibility: Why They Should Listen To You

Here’s where you introduce yourself and give them the most important reasons why YOU have the solution they are looking for to solve their problem. This is where you sell yourself, your company, etc. as having what they need.

Ex: But I’m getting ahead of myself. Hi, my name is Jim Edwards. By now, you’re probably asking… Who am I and how can I make these claims?

I’ve got 23+ years’ experience buying and selling investment properties, my own properties and my clients’ properties
I spent 10 years as a mortgage broker and realtor, so I know the inside story most people will never tell you
I know how the system really works and will pull back the curtain to explain why houses do or don’t sell, and how you can sell your house yourself relatively easily
Part 7 – Proof

Slide7Here’s where you PROVE what you say is true. You can use testimonials, statistics, screen shots of results, before and after pictures, etc. Whatever you need to show them to prove you are telling the truth.

Ex: Take a look at these testimonials from people just like you who used the “Selling Your Home Alone” system to sell their houses and save the commissions.

This one sold their house in one week. This one saved Over $20,000 in commissions. This one sold after an agent couldn’t do it in 6 months.

Part 8 – Exactly What You Get

Here’s where you list off the most important things they get from your product / service / software. Make sure you include not only features, but benefits as well so they see the real payoff of taking you up on your offer.

Ex: Here’s exactly what you get with “Selling Your Home Alone”

My entire home study course that shows you step-by-step how to go from where you are now to sticking a SOLD sign in the front yard.
The exact tools and links you need to list your home for sale on the internet so you can attract qualified buyers as fast as possible.
The “Killer Classified Ad System” that helps you create great ads in just minutes that can have your phone ringing this weekend with interested buyers
Part 9 – Specific Reasons To Act Now

Slide21This is an area where most people fall down not only in Video Sales Letters, but in sales copy in general. People may want your solution, they may know they have the problem, they may even want the solution very badly, but they still procrastinate. One of the easiest ways to get someone off the mark is to offer bonuses.

Yes, there are a LOT of other ways to get them to take action now (like harping on the fact that their life will suck if they don’t get this handled now), but bonuses are the easiest to do for most people.

Ex: Act Now and get these exclusive bonuses:

BONUS Special Report: HOW I DID IT
I’ll reveal exactly how I sold both of our houses AND how my buddy sold his house in one day just by changing our ads! I’ll hold nothing back, and I explain everything about each deal in detail.
BONUS Report – How to get FREE Property Listings Pages!
I’ll show you more than 11 different FREE places to instantly list your home for sale online … and you don’t pay a dime in advertising!
BONUS- Sample Forms Pack
When you purchase my for-sale-by-owner book right now, “Selling Your Home Alone”, you also get instant access to our FREE Contracts and Sample Forms PAK.
Part 10 – The Close

This is where you ask for the order and reinforce the benefits they really want to get as a result of buying your product, service, etc. You don’t beat around the bush here. You tell them what to do, where to do it, and how to do it very succinctly.

Ex: Get Onboard With “Selling Your Home Alone” Now!

If you want to sell your house and save the commission, keep more of your money in your own pocket to put down on your next house, and get your home sold with less hassle and a lot more control over your future than by using an agent, sign up right now to get started.

  1. Fill in the [INSERT CONTEXT] placeholder with context about yourself and who you are. (If you’ve done the AI Audience Accelerator, write /context to use your pre-written context)

  2. Fill in the [INSERT YOUR PRODUCT] placeholder with what you sell.

  3. Fill in the [INSERT AUDIENCE CONTEXT] placeholder with context about your audience. (If you’ve done the AI Audience Accelerator, write /audience to use your pre-written audience context)

(to see examples of all the above, check out the full chat)

Here’s an example of it’s output:

(it also gives you video-cutting advice, if you have the budget for an editor)


  • Why VSLs got me so excited

  • The only 3 steps you need to take to launch your first Video Sales Letter

  • I like currywurst

  • How to draft your first video sales letter in 2 minutes using the Video Victifyer prompt

For some products, you need Video Sales Letters.

Thai food is not one of them.

This stuff just sells itself by being awesome.

Week 3 is starting and I’m still not close to being done, lol.

Keep diving,


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