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  • 🐙 how to draft a week of tweets on a walk with ChatGPT & Otter AI

🐙 how to draft a week of tweets on a walk with ChatGPT & Otter AI

ditch the desk and let your steps spark creativity

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Greet from the deep,

Today, you’ll learn how to effortlessly write tweets (or any type of content, really) during a walk.

I hate sitting.

Honestly, who doesn’t?

Almost every entrepreneur (or worker, for that part) sits 7+ hours every day to work.

This used to seem inevitable to me - I mean, how was I supposed to work without sitting?

Now, the smarts people will be like:

“I have a stand up desk”

Cool for you.

But you know what’s even cooler?

Being able to work during a walk outdoors, so you get your steps in while you work.

This used to be impossible 5 years ago…

…but today, AI transcription tools and ChatGPT make it possible to do at least 30% of your work while walking.

Today, I’ll show you one of these use cases:

Creating content on a walk.

You’ll learn:

  • Which app I use to draft content while on a walk

  • How to turn a transcript into tweets

This is going to be a more actionable and a bit shorter lesson than usual - because there’s no underlying lesson (I can’t teach you how to walk, lol).

So, are you ready to… take a walk?

Let’s dive in!

I made over $200,000 in a month…

...by teaching people how to use AI for content creation.

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How to produce and record content ideas effortlessly on a walk

THE secret hack all big content creators use to create their content…

Going on walks. A lot of them.

Dickie Bush?

He takes 20,000 steps per day.

Dan Koe?

He takes 20,000 steps per day.

Me? Well, I’m still working on this, but I’m at 9,000 a day or so.

When you walk, you are more creative.

Regardless if you face writer’s block, feel uncreative, or have no idea what to write about…

…a walk will solve your creativity problems.

Now, you may say:

“But Ole, I have nothing to talk about”

Of course you do.

Most of the thoughts you have on a daily basis are helpful to someone else out there.

You may not feel it right now, but every idea you get while you walk is valuable to someone that’s 1 step behind you in this world.

You just need to get the word out there.

With that out of the way, here’s how to record your ideas while on a walk:

HOW TO WALK: (and create content)

1) Get the Otter AI app (not affiliated) to turn your voice to text

It’s free for 300 transcription minutes per month, which is enough for this.

2) Tie your shoelaces and put clothes on (very important)

3) Go outside. No stimulation (music, podcasts) allowed.

4) Walk until you feel thoughts popping up in your head

5) Open the Otter AI app and press the record button

6) Rant about anything that comes to your mind for 15-30 minutes

You will get a transcript that looks something like this:

How to use The Transcript to Tweet Writer to create a week’s worth of content from 1 walk’s transcript

After the walk, go home and sit at your computer again.

Log in to Otter on your desktop, and copy the transcript from your walk.

Next, use it in The Transcript To Tweet Writer prompt (Important, use GPT-4!)

This prompt turns your walk transcript into 50 tweets:

I want you to write tweets for me based on a transcript.

These tweets are characterised by being extremely original and unique. They are always based on the tone of voice of the creator of the transcript, while still being written in a concise tone.
For context, [INSERT CONTEXT]

Here are some examples of "tweets", separated by [NEW TWEET]:

People's attention spans are FUCKED.

This is why I created a SUPER basic landing page for my course waitlist.

My thoughts:

Give them a short, bite-size overview instead of a long sales page.

Write everything like a tweet.

Result :

The landing page converts at almost 80%.


Understand that ethical wealth creation is possible. If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you.


Leverage is a force multiplier for your judgement.


If you could choose between two teachers:

1. The Natural
2. The Non-Natural

And they're both equally skilled,

I'd go with the Non-Natural.

A Natural is good at the talent but can struggle teaching it.

A Non-Natural is a great teacher because he wasn't born with the talent.


Some premium Twitter bro advice I’ve seen lately: 

• Smoke cigs to focus
• Take 4 hour ice baths 
• Stare at the sun for energy

Have a day off

What’s is going to be next?

“Inhale paint fumes for creativity”

You make money.
People say you're scamming.

You get jacked.
People say you're on roids.

You grow a following.
People say you bought 'em.

People will talk shit regardless, so do whatever the fuck makes you happy.

Reading is faster than listening. Doing is faster than watching.


Here is the transcript I want you to create tweets from:


Now, do this:

1) Learn what tone of voice and structure characterises tweets
2) Read the transcript and silently extract 100 ideas from it
3) Based on the constraints I gave you, write 50 new tweets in the tone of voice of the transcript creator for me.

Constraints for the tweets:

1 No hashtags
2 No emojis
3 Concise tone of voice
4 Use complete sentences
5 Don't use exclamation marks
6 Must be shorter than 280 characters
7 Must be in the tone of voice of the transcript creator


  1. Fill in the [INSERT CONTEXT] placeholder with context about yourself and who you are. (If you’ve done the AI Audience Accelerator, write /context to use your pre-written context)

  2. Fill in the [INSERT TRANSCRIPT] placeholder with your transcript

Here’s an example of the output it gave me:

Now, pick your favorite tweets, edit and post them on Twitter (or X, whatever it’s called now).

It’s best to create 50-100 to pick 2-4 tweets that stick out.

Wrap up


  • How to produce and record content ideas effortlessly on a walk

  • Why the best ideas always happen during walks

  • How to use The Transcript to Tweet Writer to create ideas for a week’s worth of content from 1 walk’s transcript

The best thing about taking a walk and ranting into your phone:

Coming back home for an ice-cold alcohol-free Erdinger on ice cubes.

You heard that right.

This is peak human existence.

Keep diving,


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