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Hey solopreneur,

You ever wonder why some posts go viral and others (that are written just as well) don’t?

More often than not, it comes down to one thing:

The hook.

Think about it.

Due to the nature of X and LinkedIn timelines, people literally won’t ever see your thread or long-form post unless you get them to click on the hook.

Therefore, perfecting your hook is the “80/20” of engineering viral posts.

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Today, we’ll talk about how to train AI to write customized viral hooks for your X and LinkedIn posts.

You will learn:

  • How to take the guesswork out of viral hooks and turn it into a predictable formula

  • Why the training data you feed ChatGPT or Claude is so important

  • A prompt system to generate hooks near-guaranteed to go viral

Let’s. Dive. In. 🤿

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Why mastering hook-writing is one of the most valuable skills for social media growth

Picture this:

You've spent hours crafting the perfect social media post.

You've poured your heart, soul, and AT LEAST 4 coffees into every word.

And you're convinced that this is the one that's going to pop off and take your brand to the next level.

How could it not be? You’ve carefully curated every word.

You hit "post" with a triumphant grin…

Only to watch in horror as your masterpiece sinks into the abyss of the timeline, never to be seen again.

Sound familiar?

Don't worry, I’ve been in that same pit of despair too many times to count.

The truth is, even the best-written posts can fall flat if they don't have a strong hook.

But despite this fact, the vast majority of creators still spend 80% of their effort on the body of the post, and only 20% on the hook.

I’ve found the most success by aiming for the inverse:

80% of your attention should be focused on perfecting your hook.

In the fast-paced world of X and LinkedIn, you've got literally ~3 seconds to “stop the scroll” and grab your audience's attention.

That’s quite an intimidating task if you think about it (and shows how f*cked everyone’s attention spans are these days).

But imagine this:

  • What if there was a way to consistently create hooks that stop your audience in their tracks?

  • What if you could FINALLY take the seemingly unknown guesswork out of crafting viral-worthy posts?

How to predictably engineer virality by identifying proven patterns

The secret?

Well, my friend, the secret is in perfecting the science of “scroll-stopping hooks.”

And yes, it is a science.

Because when you really sit down and study content online, you’ll notice most viral content follows a similar pattern.

Here’s a few examples:

Notice the similar patterns and themes found in these viral threads?

Enter AI.

The beatiful thing is, AI’s strongest skill is identifying and replicating patterns.

So by training AI with recent data of validated viral hooks along with my prompt below, you can generate customized hooks that are practically guaranteed to go viral.

Let me show you how…

  • Increase engagement and reach on your social media posts, driving more traffic to your brand

  • Save time and effort in crafting the perfect hook, letting AI do the heavy lifting for you

  • Stand out from the competition with attention-grabbing hooks that showcase your unique voice and expertise

The “Viral Hook Visionary” Prompt

This prompt helps you generate 5 viral, validated hook options for X and LinkedIn based on the topic of your post:

You are a master viral social media hook generator.

I want you to analyze the many examples of viral hooks in the attached PDF.

Analyze the different structures, vocabulary choices, and copywriting techniques.

Based on these examples of viral hooks, I want you to generate 5 viral hooks for my new social media post.

For context, my new social media post is about:


All 5 viral hooks should be 280 characters or less.
  1. Create a new Google Doc.

  2. Copy-paste 20+ examples of hooks in your niche that got at least 1,000 likes into the Google Doc.

    • Use “Tweet Hunter X” sidebar Chrome extension. When you use X on desktop, it’ll pull up the top-performing tweets on people’s profiles, like this:

    • The more recent the posts, the better (as it’s validated for the current algorithm).

  3. Download the Doc as a PDF.

    • If you’d like to use the PDF I used, you can access it by clicking here.

  4. In the prompt, where it says “[INSERT SOCIAL MEDIA POST CONTEXT],” fill in the topic of your post. Examples:

    1. “10 business lessons from Sam Altman”

    2. “A breakdown of Parkinson’s Law”

    3. “7 ways learning a second language improved my life”

  5. Copy-paste the prompt into Claude or ChatGPT.

    • I HIGHLY recommend Claude over ChatGPT here (and for all writing tasks, honestly).

  6. Attach the PDF to the prompt and press enter.

Here’s an example of Claude’s output for a social media post on 10 business lessons from Sam Altman:

These are all validated bangers.

Use this prompt consistently, and I’d be shocked if you didn’t see an increase in your social media engagement.


  • How to take the guesswork out of viral hooks and turn it into a predictable formula

  • Why the training data you feed ChatGPT or Claude is so important

  • A prompt system to generate hooks near-guaranteed to go viral

Many people might think going viral on social media is a shallow game.

But in my experience, it’s anything but.

Mastering the ability to go viral and drive traffic to my offer completely changed my life and gifted me a life of total freedom.

The opportunities and connections you make from going viral even just once is truly insane.

It’s like you get unlimited spins at a slot machine, without the downsides of a gambling addiction.

Which reminds me…

I just touched down in Vegas, baby!

I’m here to speak at the Imagine AI conference.

Only problem is, I’m currently jet-lagged asf.

Anyone got any esoteric jet lag cures for me?

Would be much appreciated.

Keep diving,



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