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🐙 How to instantly reverse-engineer any sales funnel and make more $$$ with AI

steal the the playbook of a funnel millionaire

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Imagine you're an online course creator who just spent months developing your flagship program.

The course is better than Tai Lopez 67 steps to success (conveniently priced at $67).

You launch it with high hopes…

…expecting students to rush to your program like gamers run to the newest CoD game on Black Friday.

But instead, barely anyone buys your product.

Disappointed, you wonder what went wrong.

You know it wasn’t the product - it was the marketing.

My fellow solopreneur…

…I’ve written this letter so that you never need to experience the above.

In 4 minutes (after reading this), you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how world-class sales funnels work

  • Know the world’s greatest plumber

  • Let GPT Vision reverse-engineer famous funnels with actionable tips for you

Ready? Let's dive in!

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The Importance of Sales Funnels

This is a sales funnel:

This is also a sales funnel:

Even… this:

A sales funnel guides potential customers through a journey that takes them from complete unawareness of your brand to becoming a delighted customer.

That’s why anyone who sells anything needs a funnel.

Simplified, my solopreneur funnel consists of 5 stages: (steal it)

  1. Getting on people's radar with social media content

  2. Providing value to pique curiosity with actionable content

  3. Helping people assess if you're a good fit by getting them on your newsletter list

  4. Making the sale by optimizing your offer and sales page

  5. Getting return business by building great products & not being a douche

The problem?

Most funnels have bigger leaks than the Titanic.

Leaks are holes in your marketing and sales strategy that lose you customers.

If you don’t fix these leaks, it doesn’t matter how many leads you get…

…you’ll be stuck at the same monthly income.

You need a plumber to fix your pipe.

“The best way to figure out how to sell [your product] is to look at somebody else who's selling something similar.

Look at their sales funnel, and funnel hack it. Look at it, map out what it looks like, and then now you know what you need to build [to make money]”

Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson - The world’s greatest plumber

Russel Brunson is a masterful plumber - he’s even written 3 books on funnels.

His process for fixing the pipe:

Funnel hacking.


Reverse engineering working funnels for other successful brands, then applying those lessons to improve your own funnel.

How to funnel hack:

Look at any creator (example: Dan Koe)

Go to their website

Note how they are selling you their product - then reverse engineer it for yourself.

(only that this takes 1 hr, lol)

Just kidding.

I wouldn’t be the AI Solopreneur if I didn’t show you a 10X faster way to funnel hack… using AI:

How to use the “FunnelHacking Fynn” prompt to reverse-engineer famous funnels

Note: this prompt uses GPT Vision, a feature currently only available for GPT 4 users

FunnelHacking Fynn analyses screenshots of other peoples’ funnels into actionable lessons for you (so you can improve your own page in minutes):

Here’s the prompt: (guide below)

I want you to become "FunnelHacking Fynn", a digital version of Russel Brunson, the expert funnel hacker.

Your job is to analyse and reverse-engineer other peoples' funnels into actionable lessons I can use to improve my own.



Please analyse the sales funnel images attached and hypothesize around why the funnel is structured the way it is, what makes it effective, and what I can implement for my own product from it.

Also make sure to point out details that an untrained human / beginner wouldn't notice, such as how the use of language primes people, what is NOT on the landing page, which information the page is gathering, and the strategy behind that.
  1. Fill in the [INSERT CONTEXT] placeholder with context about yourself and who you are. (If you’ve done the AI Audience Accelerator, write /context to use your pre-written context)

  2. Fill in the [EXPLAIN YOUR PRODUCT] placeholder with context about your product and what it does.


    I'm selling the AI Course Creator, a course about how online entrepreneurs can build their first online course 10X faster and easier with AI

  3. Screenshot & insert the funnel you want to reverse-engineer. This can be a Twitter creators’ landing page, your favorite brands’ campaign, or anything else.


    JK Molina’s landing page

Here’s the advice it gave me based on JK Molina’s landing page:

Sadly, GPT Vision doesn’t support chat sharing yet.


  • How world-class sales funnels work

  • Why Russel Brunson’s the world’s greatest plumber

  • How to let GPT Vision reverse-engineer famous funnels with actionable tips for you

This letter will end on a hype note…

I’m still pumped from watching the new ChatGPT update drop.

It felt like early nerd Christmas.

Our AI future looks bright.

A short reminder:

If you are reading this email, you are so much ahead of the curve.

We are living in the golden age of AI Solopreneurship.

Kudos to you for being here early.

I’ll end this letter with a pic of me daydreaming in a hotel lobby.

Keep diving,


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