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Saturday Deep Dive: How to use ChatGPT to charge what you’re worth

Applying Alex Hormozi's value-based pricing strategy to your business

Read time: 3 minutes

Greet from the deep,

It’s Ole, the AI Solopreneur here.

This is our 2nd Submarine Deep Dive, where I dive deeper into 1 AI use-case to make your life as a solopreneur a bit easier.

But before I tell you what it’s all about…

Remember to always be nice to ChatGPT:

(so ChaosGPT spares us lol)

Let’s dive in:

Underselling yourself feels terrible…

Many solopreneur have been there:

You closed your first client.

Big excitement. You feel like you're gonna be a millionaire. Or billionaire.

You send the client an invoice, collect the payment, and throw a German Techno party with the money you just made.

(ok, maybe that’s just me)

But then, when you start working on the project…

…it suddenly takes up much more time & energy than you expected.

The client want more revisions, drains your energy 24/7, and isn’t satisfied with your work regardless of what you do.

And you’re not even making a substantial profit off it…

You realise:

I undersold myself.

When this happened to me, I ended up feeling resentful and burnt out.

It wasn’t a good time, but it made me learn to price my services appropriately.

And if you don’t believe me, listen to business superchad Alex Hormozi:

“Pricing is the strongest lever on profits”

Alex Hormozi

But getting your pricing right is difficult - unless you get someone to assist you.

Or something.

How to use ChatGPT to charge what you’re worth

This ChatGPT prompt helps you bulletproof your offer by giving you value-based pricing advice.

Value-based pricing means determining your pricing strategy based on the value you provide to your customers.

This is what people like Alex Hormozi do.

To build a sustainable solopreneur business, it’s vital to have value-based pricing because you can’t compete at being the cheapest option in the market.

I told ChatGPT to advice me on an imaginary AI consulting business, here’s what it told me:

(apparently it thought I was Alex Hormozi lol)

Try the prompt yourself:

I am an [WHAT YOU WORK WITH] and offer [OFFER] to [TARGET AUDIENCE, BE SPECIFIC] that earn around [MONEY] in annual revenue. My offer is [WHAT YOUR OFFER IS, IN DETAIL]. On average, my clients [WHAT TANGIBLE RESULTS YOU PRODUCE / HAVE PRODUCED FOR YOUR CLIENTS]. My unique selling point is [WHAT IT IS + CONTEXT].

Act as Alex Hormozi.

Determine an optimal pricing strategy for my service using the Value-Based Pricing approach, and give me a recommendation for which price I should charge for my services. Be as specific as possible.  Don't explain the value-based pricing approach.

Improve the prompt by:

  • Being specific about how you earn them more money

  • Being specific about your ideal customer’s annual revenue

  • Being specific about how much time it costs you to fulfil for 1 client

Like every advice from ChatGPT, take this pricing advice with a grain of sea salt:

I gave ChatGPT the exact same prompt 5 times, and it returned 3 different pricing suggestions, 1 of which was nonsense.


…just having ChatGPT “reason” around my pricing was helpful to me.

How does this prompt work out for you? Did you find out something new about your target market? Or did you rework the prompt to make it run even better? Hit that reply button and let me know!

Wrapping up today’s edition


  • The dangers of underpricing your services

  • Why value-based pricing is vital for solopreneur success

  • How to use ChatGPT to gain insight on your pricing

Before we say goodbye, I wanted to share exciting news about our Discord:

Over 600 of you applied, and the Typeform filled out faster than Donald Trump’s lawsuit.

Applications are closed for now, I will open them again in the future.

So watch out!

You’ll hear from me again next Wednesday, when I’ll send you the newest AI-related tools, resources, tweets, memes, and memes to your inbox.

Keep diving,

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