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How to turn ChatGPT into Alex Hormozi and create irresistible offers

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Greetings from the deep,

It's Ole from the AI Solopreneur here, the AI newsletter that's more refreshing than sipping a Pina Colada on a sun-soaked beach while your AI-powered bots handle your work.


Can you feel the sand between your toes?

In either case, today, I’ll uncover how to get Alex Hormozi to rate your offer (without having to camp outside his house with a boombox for a week).

Flippers on, snorkel adjusted, let's d-d-d-d-dive in! 🤿

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What makes an irresistible offer?

First of all, why should you bother creating a great offer?


Let’s say you need a landing page for your pesto business.

Who would you rather buy from?

Seller A: "I will create a landing page for you for $500."

Seller B: "I'll design a customised landing page for you, interview 10 of your target customers, and then use that information to write world-class copy for your landing page.

You don’t pay me until your page reaches $10,000 in sales.

And did I mention my “no pesto, no paper”-guarantee?

You won't pay unless you're 100% satisfied with your results. The cost is $2,000"

Even though both offer the same service (creating a landing page), you’d choose Seller B over Seller A every day of the week.

That’s because Seller B had an irresistible offer.

When I was a beginner, I used to think your offer is simply what you sell (copywriting, landing page creation, cat meme creation)

Then I learned, your offer isn’t what you sell…

…it’s how you package and frame the value you can provide to your customers in a way makes it almost impossible for them to say no.

Now, here’s a simple framework to create irresistible offers:

How to create irresistible offers using Alex Hormozi’s value equation

One way to rate your offer is to look at it through Hormozi’s so called Value Equation.

It’s like pizza Margherita:

Incredibly powerful because it’s so simple.

Alex Hormozi’s value equation

As you can see, Hormozi calculates the value of your offer based on 4 parameters:

  1. The Dream Outcome - What’s the BEST possible outcome of this product?

  2. The Likelihood of Achievement - How likely is it that the buyer will reach the Dream Outcome?

  3. The Time Delay - How long does it take to reach the Dream Outcome?

  4. The Effort & Sacrifice - How much effort does the buyer have to invest to reach the Dream Outcome?

Let’s sum it up into 1 sentence:

To create irresistible offers you need to maximise the Dream Outcome & Likelihood of Achievement and minimise the Time Delay and Effort and Sacrifice.

This all sounds cool in theory, but mapping out the value equation for your offer can feel tiresome.

But with The Ultimate Alex Hormozi Offer-Sexifier Prompt, you can make your offer irresistible in minutes:

(Notice how plugging a prompt for you is a mini-case study of offer creation itself: The prompt minimises your perceived time delay, effort & sacrifice of getting value from this newsletter.)

Prompt: The Ultimate Alex Hormozi Offer-Sexifier

The Ultimate Alex Hormozi Offer-Sexifier consists of 2 steps.

Step 1: Rank your offer

Step 2: Let Hormozi create an irresistible offer for you

Let’s dive into each:

Step 1: Rank your offer

The first step of the prompt gives you 4 things:

  1. Scores for each of the 4 value equation parts

  2. An overall “Offer Score” to rate your offer

  3. Actionable suggestions on how to improve each value equation score

  4. Two suggestions of alternative offers with even higher offer scores

Here is the prompt:

Act as Alex Hormozi and rate my offer.

For context, my offer is to:



You should rate my offer based on Alex Hormozi's 4-part value equation framework:

1) How desirable is this offer's dream outcome from a scale of 1-100? ("Dream Score")
2) How high is the offer's perceived likelihood of achievement on a scale of 1-100? ("Success Score")
3) How high is the offer's perceived time delay between purchasing the product and reaching the promised achievement on a scale from 0 to 1? ("Time Score") The higher the time delay, the higher the score. Ideally, the perceived time delay should be as low as possible.
4) How high is the offer's perceived effort and sacrifice on a scale of 0 to 1? ("Effort Score") The higher the perceived effort, the higher the score. Ideally, the perceived effort and sacrifice should be as low as possible.

After rating each of the 4 components, calculate an "offer score", which is calculated like this:

1) Multiply "Dream Score" with  "Success Score" 
2) Multiply "Time score" with "Effort Score"
3) Divide the product of the Dream & Success score with the product of the Time and Effort Score to get the "offer score"

In your output, provide actionable advice for how I can tweak my offer to get a higher score on each of the 4 components of the value equation framework.

Also advice me on 2 other offer structures with higher offer score that I could consider instead of my current one, and explain why they have a higher score.

This big prompt can look more intimidating than an IRS letter at first, but it really only applies all the lessons & frameworks you learned to your offer.

Here’s what Hormozi had to say about an AI course for entrepreneurs:

The maximal offer score is 1,000,000, and I got a measly 15,000.

I guess I still have to work on the course!

But this is where the prompt gets REALLY powerful…

Step 2: Let Hormozi create an irresistible offer for you

After entering The Ultimate Alex Hormozi Offer-Sexifier in Step 1…

…use this prompt to let Alex Hormozi improve your offer to a maximum offer score:

Tweak this offer as much as you want so that it reaches a  perfect offer score of 1,000,000 

(Dream Score = 100, Success Score = 100, Time Score = 0.1, Effort Score = 0.1)

Here’s how ChatGPT revised the course from the previous example:

After using both prompts, you will have invaluable offer feedback that’ll help you tweak your offer, sell more customers, and make more money.


  • Get a rating for all parts of Alex Hormozi’s value equation (and how to improve them)

  • Get 2 suggestions for alternative offers with higher offer scores

  • Get a “perfect offer” suggestion to make your offer irresistible

Wrap up


  • What makes an irresistible offer

  • How to create irresistible offers using Alex Hormozi’s value equation

  • How to use The Ultimate Alex Hormozi Offer-Sexifier to rank, grow, and perfect your offer

There’s an unspoken rule:

If you said “Alex Hormozi” more than 3 times you have to do 100 pushups, no matter where you are.

Reply with “pushup” if you want me to do pushups somewhere even more cringe next (give me ideas please).

Until then:

Keep diving,


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