How to turn ChatGPT into your business coach

Feat: Dancing Greek statues, Darude Sandstorm, and a tool to train your own AI chatbot (without code),

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Now, let’s have a look at today’s treasure:

  • 📋 Prompt: Get career advice by Steve Jobs

  • 🛠️ Tool: Train your own custom AI chatbot without writing any code

  • 📹 Video: Nvidia’s CEO’s commencement speech on AI

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📋 Prompt: Get career advice by Steve Jobs

One of the best things about being a solopreneur:

No one tells you what you should do.

One of the worst things about being a solopreneur:

No one tells you what you should do.

When I’m feeling lost, I often turn to my 2 most trusted life advisors:

My girlfriend and ChatGPT.

This prompt gives you business advice based on Steve Jobs’ knowledge

Act as Steve Jobs and give me advice.

Here's the situation I'm currently facing:  [EXPLAIN THE CHALLENGE YOU'RE FACING IN 1 SENTENCE]


Based on these circumstances, what would you recommend me to do?

I asked Jobs to give advice to Huzzy, a 21-year-old Youtube solopreneur who wants to reach $50,000 / month within 6 months:

  1. Change the guru. Try Elon Musk, Sam Altman, or Ted Cruz (for what you don’t want to do)

  2. Add life context, for example if you have any health goals, if you commute to work, and what personal goals you have.

  3. Be ultra-specific about your goals and context.

Tool: Train your own custom AI chatbot without writing any code🛠️

Ever dreamed of having your own AI chatbot?

Dream no more.

Until recently, it was impossible to train your own AI chatbot without writing code, converting a bunch of data, and knowing the CTO of OpenAI (I’ve been told).

ChatNode allows you to train chatbots on your own data.

Some use cases:

  • Train your own customer service bot

  • Build a specialised chatbot MVP & sell it

  • Train it on your journal entries to create a digital avatar

Use it here:

  • Quickly train your own chatbot with URLs, texts, and documents in a matter of seconds & without any code

  • Embed your chatbot on any website you want or use it privately

  • Customize your chatbot with features such as color, icon, name, and welcome message

Tweet: AI-generated voice is coming for us🐦

Google just showcased their new AI model to generate voice:

Darude Sandsto… - I mean Google Soundstorm can create ultra-realistic AI voices.

Only a question of time until AI-generated podcasts become a normal thing…

(imagine building a solopreneur business of dozens of AI podcasts though)

Video: Nvidia’s CEO’s commencement speech on AI 📹

While we’re busy talking about Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft…

NVIDIA, the supplier of the GPU cards that almost all models run on, is silently perhaps the biggest winner of the AI Boom.

Jensen Huang, their CEO & Co-Founder, recently delivered an incredible commencement speech about the future of AI.

His mood is almost as high as the NVIDIA stock he’s sitting on:

Watch the video here:

In case you wanna save it for later, here’s the TL;DR:


  • AI will create new jobs that didn't exist before, such as AI Factory operations and AI safety engineers.

  • Companies that embrace AI will be able to take advantage of it to boost their position, while those that don't will fall behind.

  • AI is such a fundamental game-changer that making sacrifices to take advantage of it are essential for success (Huang literally tells the students: “run towards AI”)

Meme 👻


Hercules pulling up to Olymous like 🏛️💪 #gerdegotit #hercules #stablediffusion #aiart

Wrap up


  • How to talk to Steve Jobs spirit (without a shaman)

  • How to train your own AI chatbot without any coding skills

  • Historical (AI) video footage of Hercules pulling up to Olympus

I asked ChatGPT Steve Jobs for life advice and he told me to eat more Pizza.

I might have made that up, but who cares.

Keep diving,

P.S. Please reply to this email with your favorite Pizza (mine is spicy salami)

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