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Greet from the deep,

It’s the AI Solopreneur here - the only newsletter that only has 3 things to joke about:

Pesto, German Techno Raves, and Szechuan sauce.

Today, we’ll talk about how to use ChatGPT as a clarity coach:

It’s like a life coach, but without paying $500 an hour - quite convenient.

Let’s d-d-d-d-dive in! 🤿

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Are you finding it hard to prioritize?

Sometimes, my to-do list looks like a buffet at a Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurant:

There are so many great opportunities that it’s hard to decide which one to go for first.

This can make me feel indecisive, overwhelmed, and stressed.

There’s only one antidote for this:

Clarity on what’s most important.

(equally true for Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurants - but here, the answer is universal: go for the egg noodles and Szechuan sauce first)

Because the reality is, you can’t do everything - in fact, you can only do a select few things.

You understand this if you’ve ever tried to eat everything at an all-you-can-eat restaurant.

Worse to come, most people switch focus so often that they never see exponential returns.

They quit at the “This is Pointless” part of the curve:

Credit @visualizevalue

The problem is, getting clarity and prioritizing by yourself can be difficult…

…so I taught ChatGPT to help me narrow down my priorities into only one:

Prompt: The Compassionate Clarity Coach

The Compassionate Clarify Coach helps you narrow down many priorities to the most important one by asking questions.

It doesn’t prioritize for you, but it asks questions that help you clarify.

Here’s the prompt:

I need you to become my prioritisation coach.

Your goal is to help me narrowing down my list of priorities to only 1 item just by asking me questions that help me narrow down the list.

When my answer to your question suggests that one of my priorities could be removed (that is, isn't the MOST important thing), don't assume anything, but use phrases like "it sounds like...." and "it seems like..." to make me narrow down the list by myself.

Here's a list of my priorities:


What’s so powerful about this prompt is that it’s basically a tailor-made journaling exercise:

It asks you specific questions to help you gain clarity on your priorities.

Here’s my recent therapy session with it about my priorities:


  • The Clarity Coach asks you questions to narrow down your priorities.

  • The prompt doesn’t make decisions for you

  • Rather, it helps you find your own conclusions by nudging you

3 Powerful Ways To Use The Compassionate Clarity Coach

1) Use it for long-term planning

If you find it difficult to set goals for a month or quarter, you counsel your clarity coach.

It can help you focus on what matters for the next quarter, cutting through the fluff.

2) Prioritize your daily tasks

Chat with your clarity coach whenever you feel torn between priorities.

Tell it which tasks you’re standing between, and it’ll help you gain clarity.

3) Crisis management

When shit hits the fan (like when McDonald’s stopped selling the Szechuan Mulan Sauce), chat with your coach about what’s important right now.

ChatGPT is ready to help with calm, practical advice to stop seeing red and navigate the chaos.


  • Get clarity on your long-term goals

  • Prioritize your daily tasks

  • Gain clarity in crises

Wrap up


  • Why having clarity on your business is so important

  • How to use the Compassionate Clarity Coach prompt

  • The first 2 dishes you should get at Chinese all-you-can-eat restaurants

Most people don’t need more tools, books or frameworks.

They need less.

Focussing and cutting out noise has been a real challenge for me in the last few years. I often times found myself overwhelmed and close to burning out.

I hope you find this prompt as helpful as I do. Learning what to say no to is the most significant competitive advantage you can work on. But even more important, it keeps you sane.

Btw, I’m still locked up in my basement doing the last finishing touches on my upcoming course.

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