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  • 🐙 How to use ChatGPT to fill in Justin Welsh's genius Content Matrix in seconds

🐙 How to use ChatGPT to fill in Justin Welsh's genius Content Matrix in seconds

Learn to leverage AI to create highly relevant content ideas at high speed

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Greetings from the deep,

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Today, we're diving into how you can use ChatGPT to fill out Justin Welsh’s famous content matrix for you.

So throw away your diving mask for today, and get your goggles on like Morpheus.

Let’s dive in! 😎

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Why Justin Welsh’s Content Matrix is so genius

2 of the biggest problems content creators face:

1) Ideating powerful content ideas

2) Choosing a background color for their profile pic (damn that color psychology chart!)

Let’s face it:

Finding good content ideas consistently is hard.

That’s why many content creators dodge content creation optimization harder than Neo’s dodging bullets…

To solve this pain point for our solopreneur community, I embarked on a journey to analyse one of the world’s most consistent content creators:

Justin Welsh.

The only thing that’s more rock solid than his content ideation system, the “Content Matrix”, is his well-groomed head:

In 2021, Justin released his own content creation system, the “Content Matrix”, which to date has reached $1,000,000+ in sales, and generated 6.7 billion views for its users on LinkedIn.

If that’s not a proven system, I don’t know what is.

His “Content Matrix” for generating unlimited high-quality content works by matching topics with 8 proven formats in a matrix.

This way, he creates content ideas 8 times faster, because he applies 8 formats to each topic.

(h/t) @thejustinwelsh on Twitter

How the Content Matrix works:

1) You fill out the X-axis with Content Types

These are proven content formats like actionable guides, analytical deep dives, and listicles

2) You fill out the Y-axis with Topics

Include all topics you like to write about, for example “solopreneurship”, “AI for writing”, or “newsletter”.

3) Apply each Content Type to each Topic manually

Justin Welsh teaches you to work through the matrix and invent headlines for each of them. Powerful, but slow.

Now, I’ll show you how to automate this process with ChatGPT and create 64 content ideas in 20 seconds:

Prompt: The Keanu Reeves Content Matrixifier

This prompt summons Keanu Reeves into ChatGPT and populates Justin Welsh’s Content Matrix by combining the Content Types and Topics for you:

I need your help to generate content ideas.


I'm an solopreneur writing a weekly newsletter for AI-driven solopreneurs (and aspiring solopreneurs). The newsletter is about different ways solopreneurs can use AI to streamline their business, work faster, and make more money.  [REPLACE THIS WITH YOUR CONTEXT]

To generate ideas, I want you to imagine a "Content matrix" table. In this table, the X axis contains types of content, meaning ways to expand on a topic. The Y axis contains content topics to be matched with the X axis.

The X axis has these content types, formatted like this: [NAME] (explanation on how to use it)

1. [Actionable] (Ultra-specific guide teaching readers HOW to do something)
2. [Motivational] (Inspirational personal or industry stories about people who did something extraordinary)
3. [Analytical] (Informational breakdown of a topic, explaining to the reader WHY something is/works the way it does)
4. [Contrarian] (Go against the common advice and say something contrarian to the common beliefs on the topic, and explain why)
5. [Observation] (Observe a hidden, secret, or silent but IMPORTANT trend in the topic/industry)
6. [X vs. Y] (Compare two entities, styles, frameworks, companies, apps, or something else within the topic)
7. [Present vs Future] (Compare the status quo with a prediction about the future, and explain to the reader why that is)
8. [Listicle] (Provide a useful list of resources, tips, mistakes, lessons, steps, insights, frameworks, or something else about the topic)


The Y axis contains the topics:

1. Artificial Intelligence for Solopreneurs
2. ChatGPT for writing
3. ChatGPT for solopreneur operations
4. Social media growth


Now, I want you to write out this table and write out a content idea at the intersections of the X and Y axises. You match each topic with a content type.

For example a content idea matching the topic "Content Strategy" with the content type "How can people do it?" would be "7 things you need to know to create your content strategy"]


  1. Fill out the [CONTEXT DESCRIPTION] with information about yourself, what you write about, and who you help

  2. Fill out the Y axis with 4-8 different topics you write about (every extra topic produces 8 more content ideas)

As always, this can look complex at glance, but we’re really only filling out Justin Welsh’s matrix and giving context to ChatGPT.

Here’s an example of the content ideas it gave me:

Also, credit to Nils from the community for sharing the original prompt idea with me: (and congrats for going viral!)

pssst… I'm working on something secret for you behind the scenes. I need a little help to make it a banger that helps you to crush it in your business.

If you have 3 minutes spare, I’d appreciate your feedback (you’ll get something in return…). Only click if you create content (or plan to).

Wrap up


  • Why Justin Welsh’s Content Matrix is so genius

  • How to use the Content Matrix to combine content types with topics

  • How to use the Keanu Reeves Content Matrixifier to generate almost unlimited content ideas in seconds.

It’s the weekend and Twitter is telling me to touch some grass….

Does hugging a plastic plant count??

I guess that’s a sign to go outside….

Keep diving,


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