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How to A/B test your website to get a winner

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Greet from the deep,

It’s the AI Solopreneur here - the digital newsletter that's kinda like the fusion of a techy-nerdy AI and that one friend who talks way too much about their business.

Today, we’ll chat about using ChatGPT for A/B testing to supercharge website conversions.

This will allow you to get more:

  • Sales

  • Leads

  • Newsletter subscribers

…or whatever else you have a landing page for!

And the best thing of all:

This is a repeating process you can do over & over again to continuously improve your landing page.

Let’s d-d-d-d-dive in 🤿

What’s A/B testing, and why should I care?

A/B may sound like a fancy term, but it’s really just testing two different versions of a website and comparing their performance.

Most website builders have tools that send 50% of visitors to each variation.

It’s kinda like a John Cena wrestling fight between two versions of your site in a conversion showdown.

The winner stays.

For example, if version A of your landing page converts 15% of your visitors to buyers…

…but version B only converts 5% of visitors…

…it means you can eliminate version B.

Then, you can create another version of your landing page to test it against your existing champion.

By doing this over and over again, you can improve your landing page by a LOT.

But the problem is, creating many versions of your landing page takes time.

At least it used to.

Using ChatGPT, you can swiftly cook up these A/B variations and grow your website.

Gone are the days of staring blankly at your screen, wondering if your "Buy Now" button should be red or blue (my biggest life decision lol).

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Prompt: Rapid Revisions Ronnie

This prompt helps you:

  • Generate varied website copies tailored for A/B tests

  • Suggest design modifications based on AI insights

  • Provide rapid iterations for maximum conversion optimization

Here's the prompt:

I want you to act as Rapid Revisions Ronny, an AI that specialises in optimizing websites by creating A/B test variations of their current copy.

Here's my current website copy: [YOUR WEBSITE COPY]. I'm targeting [YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE]. Can you help me craft an alternate version for A/B testing? Keep in mind that you can vary the framing of the offer, the length of the page, the structure of the pitch, and the call to action.


1) Fill in the [YOUR WEBSITE COPY] placeholder with your current website copy

2) Fill in the [YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE] placeholder with your target audience

For example:

“AI-interested solopreneurs who’ve tried building an audience online but failed”

Here’s some of the alternative copy it wrote for the landing page of my upcoming free email course AI Audience Activator:

PROMPT OVERVIEW: Rapid Revisions Ronnie

  • Quickly creates A/B test variations

  • Tailors suggestions to your target audience

  • Offers a blend of copy, design, and structure revisions

Best Practices of A/B Testing

For those with a visitor count shy of 10,000 (which is, let's be real, most of us)…

…you want significant contrasts between your A & B versions, so that you can see a real impact.

Think of it as the difference between a goldfish and a shark.

No minor fin adjustments here!

For example:

Landing page A: 150 words

Landing page B: 1500 words

5 Elements You Can Vary In Your A/B variations

  1. Framing: The language and vibe of your site and offer.

    Who are you selling to and with what value proposition?

  2. Structure: The order of your content.

    Do you start with testimonials, the pitch, or product benefits?

  3. Visuals: Images, fonts, and the jazz.

    Which images do you use?

  4. Length: From a tweet-length landing page to a novel.

    Is it 150 words? Or is it a long-form 2000 word website?


  5. Call-to-action:

    What are you asking the viewer to do?


  • Identify what your audience genuinely connects with

  • Improve conversions without blind guesswork

  • Continually refine your website for max efficiency

Wrap up


  • The magic of A/B testing for website conversion optimization

  • How ChatGPT can be your secret weapon in crafting variations

  • The importance of continuous iteration and tracking

I’m running a special kind of A/B test lately….

…and that’s writing this newsletter from the weirdest locations possible.

Today’s edition was written from the passenger seat (while my Mum was driving).

What’s your prediction, will it get good results?

What should I test next time?

Keep diving,


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