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Gain Clarity On Your Next Move

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Today, we’ll chat about how ChatGPT can be the Yoda to your Luke Skywalker, guiding your startup to intergalactic success.

At the end of this email, you’ll know:

  • How ChatGPT Can Help You Gain Clarity

  • How to use The Startup Advisor prompt to get guidance

  • 3 Ways To Get The Best Answers By Asking The Right Questions

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How ChatGPT Can Help You Gain Clarity

Clarity is the antidote to the solo- and entrepreneur’s constant confusion.

Clarity about decision-making.

Clarity about what to do next.

Clarity about what goal you should set.

Clarity about if you should order a 9- or 20-pack of chicken nuggets…

But clarity is hard to find, and it can’t be given to you.

However, business mentors, friends, and peers can help us get closer to clarity (and, thus, our goals).

Yet, only few solopreneurs have access to this kind of support.

That’s why I built a ChatGPT startup advisor that you can ask about your business 24/7.

Just like a GPS finds a new route for your car when you encounter an unexpected construction site…

…this ChatGPT startup advisor can help you how to work around unexpected obstacles on your entrepreneurial journey

Prompt: The Startup Advisor Mentor

This prompt helps you work around business obstacles to reach your goal as fast as possible:

I want you to act as my start-up advisor mentor 

For context, [GIVE CONTEXT]

Our six months goal is to [INSERT YOUR GOAL]

The question that I have to you is:


Now, do three things:

1) Find 3 solution to my question that takes my context into account, and that helps me reach my goal as fast as possible

2) Write an explain for why you choose each of the 3  solutions

3) Advice on pros and cons of each solution, and recommend your preferred option to me



If you feel like the above context, goal, or question is too vague for you to give me great advice, ignore all the above instructions and tell me what additional information, you need to give informative advice in this situation


  1. Fill in the [GIVE CONTEXT] placeholder with context about your business

  2. Fill in the [INSERT YOUR GOAL] placeholder with your 6-month business goal

  3. Fill in the [INSERT YOUR QUESTION] placeholder with your business question

Here’s what the startup advisor told me about my business:

3 Ways To Get The Best Answers By Asking The Right Questions

1) Importance of Specificity

The clearer your question, the better the advice.

"How do I increase sales?"

…is vague.

"What is the one most important sales metric I should focus on to increase overall profit?"

…is specific.

2) Probing for Hidden Risks

Asking ChatGPT about potential risks gives you a heads-up on what to watch out for, ensuring you're not caught off-guard.

Question example:

“What is the biggest risk of failure you identify in my business?”

3) Filling the Gaps

By questioning the holes in your business plan, ChatGPT can highlight areas you might have overlooked.

Question example:

Are there any logical holes or blindspots in my business plan that you would advise me to check before I head into execution?


Ask The Startup Advisor to:

  • Find specific solutions

  • Identify risks

  • Find and fill in gaps in your business plan

Wrap up


  • How ChatGPT Can Help You Gain Clarity

  • How to use The Startup Advisor prompt to get guidance

  • 3 Ways To Get The Best Answers By Asking The Right Questions

ChatGPT is great to get clarity. But the best clarity is reached by taking a walk in the forest or spending a day on the open waters.

(Please don’t tell my friend I shared a photo of them sleeping on the internet).

Keep diving,


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