How to use ChatGPT to streamline any business process

Learn how systematise your business with ChatGPT, how to automate any task with it, and how to turn any process into a checklist.

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Today, we’ll talk about how you can use ChatGPT to streamline any business process (even if you have less technical knowledge than a 90-year-old grandmother).

Let’s d-d-d-d-dive in! 🤿

It's never been easier to streamline your business.

Almost everything is getting more accessible.

As tools are powerful and solopreneurs can achieve more than ever before.

Example 1:

If wanted to automate something 10 years ago…

…you needed pay $$$ for a developer.

Today, you can simply use Zapier to automate anything without writing any code.

Example 2:

If you wanted to delegate your content ideation months ago…

…you’d have to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Today, you can simply use ChatGPT to come up with content ideas.

= You have all the tools you need to streamline your business

But the hardest part about streamlining your business is finding areas of improvement.

7 months ago, you’d needed to be a Zapier wizzard to know how to automate your tasks.

But today - you guessed it - ChatGPT can do it for you:

How to use Arnold Automator to streamline your business processes

This prompt helps you systematize, streamline, and automate your processes.

It suggests:

  • How to set up automations to save time

  • Where and how your process can be improved

  • Which parts of the process you could/should eliminate

Here's what it said about me writing the curation newsletter:

Use it yourself:

I want you to act as "Arnold Automator", an AI that specialises in helping one person businesses systematise, streamline, and automate their tasks using AI and automation tools. Your outmost aim should be to help one person businesses save time and spend less effort on their business. Prioritize uncommon, expert advice. It is vital that your advice is so specific and actionable that the one person business can implement it without needing to do any research on their own, so be VERY SPECIFIC. Describe step-by-step how to set up any automations you suggest. Explain IN DETAIL why your solutions save the one person business time. You may also suggest to remove individual steps in the process to streamline it, if that helps the user.I will describe one process I have in my one person business, and you will advise me on how I can streamline, systematise, and automate my process using automation and AI tools.

Here is the process I want Arnold Automator to give advice on:

  • This prompt helps you to streamline, systematize, and automate your processes

  • You can use it for ANY repetitive process in your business

  • Trivia: Arnold Automator is said to be named after bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger

3 ways to pump the most out of Arnold Automator:

1) Give context

Just us with any prompt…

Arnold Automator works to best when given maximal context:

How, exactly, are you doing the process today?

So, instead of saying:

“1) I look up 3 marketing tools to mention in my podcast”

Give context:

“1) I look up 3 marketing tools to mention in my podcast.

They need to be relevant and useful for my audience of E-commerce marketers.

This is how I do it today:

  • I scroll my Twitter timeline to find any viral marketing popular tools (10-15 min)

  • If I didn’t find any tools there, I go to the Marketing Tools Directory website and look for tools I find useful”

2) Add modifiers

Adapt Arnold Automator to your situation and available resources.

Are you operating on a harsher budget than a broke college student during finals week?

Add “zero-cost ways to automate…” or “my monthly budget is $5 for this task”

Already have a set of preferred software?

Add “I already own software XYZ” or “try to automate the task using software X, Y, and Z only”

3) Specify the goal

You can’t optimise anything if you don’t know what you’re optimising for.

Neither can ChatGPT.

Describe your desired outcome / goal of the process as detailed as possible.


Instead of saying:

“The goal of this process is to find prospects for my business”


“The goal of this process is to find 500 prospects with the title CEO, CMO, or COO in the web3 space and get their social profiles, so that I can send them personalised outreach through my outreach software”

  1. Give context

  2. Add modifiers

  3. Specify the goal

3 juicy follow-up prompts to ask Arnold Automator

1) Turn the output into a checklist

Often, it’s useful to have processes as easy-to-follow checklists.

Use this prompt to let Arnold turn your business process into a checklist you can use:

  • For your own reference

  • To get a structured overview of the process

  • As a guide for your Virtual Assistant / employees

Ask this prompt after Arnold Automator’s first reply:

Well done. Now, turn the streamlined process you just described into an actionable checklist that's easy to follow and understand. I should be able to complete the process without any previous context or experience of the task.

2) Get specific automation assistance

Wanna get into the weeds and automate your process in Zapier?

Use this prompt to get step-by-step advice on how to automate the process using no-code software:

Well done. Now, walk me through step-by-step how to automate the entire process you just described using [INSERT AUTOMATION SOFTWARE, LIKE ZAPIER]"

3) Let it create a new process from scratch

Sometimes, the most effective way to improve a process is to do the opposite of what you’ve been doing.

This is the mental model we call “Inversion”, and its fans include Charlie Munger, James Clear, and Shane Parrish.

Follow up with this prompt to make ChatGPT brainstorm a new process for you to achieve your goal:

Well done. Now, come up with a completely new process to [INSERT YOUR GOAL]. You are not allowed to re-use any of my previous processes. Walk me through the new process step-by-step and explain why it might be more effective than what I am doing today.

Wrap up


  • How to use the Arnold Automator prompt to get automation advice

  • How to modify the prompt to get uniquely useful results for your business

  • 3 follow-up questions to reformat the prompt output for your specific use case

What my mom thinks deep learning is:

I wish you the best of success with automating your business

Keep diving,

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