How to use ChatGPT to turn books into business coaches

Feat: The ultimate tool for finding tools & Meta’s new AI can identify any object

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Greet from the deep,

Ole from the AI Solopreneur here.

Get a glimpse at today’s treasure:

  • 📚 ChatGPT prompt: Distil any book with lessons tailored to your business (and get coached by the best books)

  • 🛠️ Product Hunt AI - The ultimate tool for finding tools (yeah, that’s meta)

  • 🐦 Tweet: Meta’s new AI can identify any object with human-like precision

(Just between us, I may have sneaked a little surprise into the last part of this email. Keep an eye out!)

Let’s d-d-d-d-dive in! 🤿

Prompt: Distil any book with lessons tailored to your business 📚

Books contain useful knowledge, but it can be hard to find the relevant information for your business RIGHT NOW.

This prompt gives you tailored takeaways from any book you’re interested in reading.

It’s like turning a book into your business coach…

Here’s what it had to say about me growing this newsletter:

Try it yourself:

I want you to distil book lessons tailored for me.


My biggest challenge right now is: [DESCRIBE CHALLENGE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE]

To help me grow the business I described and solve my challenges, distil relevant lessons from the book [BOOK NAME] by [AUTHOR] into a comprehensive, but digestible summary for me.

Include actionable steps I should take to solve my challenge according to the book.
  • Ask any book in existence for advice tailored to your problems

  • Learn key lessons from books 100X faster by asking ChatGPT

  • Stop paying coaches for expert advice

How did this prompt work out for you? Did it help you solve an actual business problem? Or did you rework the prompt to make it run even better? Hit that reply button and let me know!

Tool: Find useful tools 100X faster with AI-powered Product Hunt 🛠️

Solopreneur businesses are built on tools.

But it can be hard to find the right tool for your use case.

Well, it WAS, until few days ago, Product Hunt AI released.

It’s a tool to find tools on Product Hunt.

Simply write what type of functionality you’re looking for, and it will search Product Hunt and suggest tools for you.

And I know you must be thinking…

“Ole, wow, that’s meta”

Well, it IS, but that doesn’t make it any less useful.

Here’s how it looks:

Use it here:

  • Find useful tools for your business 10X faster

  • Stop wasting time on testing tools functionality

  • Get into execution faster & stop overcomplicating tool choice

Tweet: Meta’s new AI can identify any object with human-like precision 🐦

Meta’s new object tracking tool tracks things in no time.

Even the Avengers:

Combined with Adobe’s new text-to-video functions, I think tools like these will empower complete beginners to create dope product demo videos in the future.

Only one question remains about the tool:

Can it see John Cena?!?

  • Only 6 months, you’d have to hire a freelance team to create bespoke videos for you…

  • But as this technology matures, you’ll be able to create your own commercials cheaply with AI

  • This is part of the bigger trend that AI empowers individuals / solopreneurs to create more stuff than a whole 1960 movie team

Video: AI and the future of humans with Max Tegmark 📹

Few AI podcasts have been more insightful than Lex Fridman’s recent episode with Max Tegmark.

Who he is?

Well, apart from being a typical charming Swede, Tegmark is an AI expert and the very author of the famous letter calling to halt AI-development signed by Elon Musk and others.

In this episode, he shares his views on why we should halt AI development and the future of humanity.

Dive deeper here:

Meme 👻

Wrap up

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