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Greet from the deep,

Let me ask you a question:

Why was playing Mario games so fun as a kid?

For me personally, I loved progressing through the levels. Exploring the world, taking on new challenges, finding new items, etc.

Turns out, Mario games can teach us a thing or two about business.

Because the same “world-building” that made Mario so fun to play is also an extremely powerful marketing strategy.

World-building will enable you to:

  • Get more customers

  • Keep your customers for longer

  • Make interacting with your brand feel like a game

In today’s deep deep dive, you will learn:

  • Why the best brands build worlds (and how you can, too)

  • My Future World Vision for the AI Solopreneur (steal my gameplan for your niche)

  • The World Builder Prompt: Ideate Worlds In Seconds

And even if you aren’t going to build a world yourself, I think you’ll learn a lot by understanding this approach.

Let’s dive deep!

You need a system.

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Why the best brands build worlds (and how you can, too)

World-building is a powerful strategy for advanced solopreneurs looking to grow and retain a loyal customer base.


Because it transforms your offerings from isolated products or services into interconnected experiences, creating a “world” that customers can immerse themselves in.

It’s kinda like one of those old Mario world maps:

Except your businesses’ world doesn’t have levels, but products and resources at each stage of the customers’ journey.

Why this works so well:

When customers feel like they are part of a larger story or ecosystem, they are more likely to stay engaged for the long term.

They become invested in your brand.

They progressing through the "levels" you've created.

They wanna see what’s next.

It’s a gamified experience, and it’s fun for your customer.

Also, world-building allows you to create next-level personalization.

By understanding where a customer is in their journey, you can:

  • Offer more targeted and relevant products

  • Send them targeted content

  • Give them special offers

…which increases your conversion rates.

All while creating a range of products from free to thousands of dollars, diversifying your income.

“This sounds cool, Ole, but how am I as a solopreneur supposed to have time for this?!”

I see where you’re coming from. World-building is hard, and it takes time.

But that’s also the beauty of it.

World-building is that it doesn't have to happen overnight - rather, it’s a process where you stack one new product on the last one.

It’s a cycle:

1) You build a new product

2) You optimize it

3) You make the product run “on autopilot”

4) You move on to the next product


For example, I spent 3 months building out the AI Audience Accelerator, but now it’s part of the AI Solopreneur world, and I can just plug it in my free resources to make more revenue.

It will always be relevant, without me needing to invest much more energy into it.

To give you an idea of what world-building can look like for a real brand, here’s my future vision for the AI Solopreneur’s world:

My Future World Vision for the AI Solopreneur

(if you don’t care about my vision, you can scroll past this section and get the prompt right away - don’t worry, I won’t take it personally)

For me, the AI Solopreneur is an interesting mix of an online education business and a media business.

It should become a multi-modal universe where you can learn different skill sets and let your AI curiosity run wild.

We’ve got 3 main “content buckets” right now:

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Content creation

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm planning to roll out new buckets, like an "automation bucket," which will be a whole new level in this game-like experience.

Think of each content bucket as moving from one world to the next, like going from the "forest world" to the "ice world" in Mario, each with its own set of challenges, products, and skill sets.

Let's say you're a sales guy who's new to AI.

You start off in the sales bucket.

You'll get a free five-day course on using AI to jazz up your CRM or outreach.

Once you complete that, bam!

You unlock new worlds.

Now you can venture into the automation world, where you'll find another course to get you started there.

Now, about the products that will power this whole world:

The AI Solopreneur will have several entry-level educational email courses (all automated) to draw people into the world.

They're free and designed to get you hooked.

Once you're in, you'll find a range of products tailored to each bucket.

We're talking low-cost, entry-level stuff, priced around $9 to $19, that'll take you to the next level within that world.

No fluff, just actionable stuff that's super specific to what you're interested in.

1 specific solution to 1 specific problem.

Specialization is key.

The more focused the products, the higher the conversion rates.

So, expect a lineup that goes from email courses to low-level products, and then scales up to high-ticket items and specialized coaching programs.

Data is the compass guiding this ship.

Your interactions, your feedback, they're what will shape this evolving universe.

I’ll find an automation software and/or CRM to power this whole world-building.

Along the journey, I’ll share everything that I do in this content subscription with you, so you can do the same.

Now, let’s dive into a ChatGPT prompt I use for world-building brainstorming:

The World Builder Prompt: Ideate Worlds In Seconds

The World Builder prompt helps you create a world for your brand.

It will give you:

  • 2 different world-building scenarios for your brand (so you can choose the best)

  • Product and resource ideas for each of the worlds (so you can follow the blueprint)

  • Ideas for how to cross-sell and promote resources within the worlds (again, a blueprint for you)

  • A sample customer journey for each world (so you understand how your customers interact with it)

Here’s the prompt:

I want you to act as educational world builder, an AI that's specialised in "world-building", which is a marketing practice where you build up an ecosystem of educational resources, information products, and services.

Your mission is to build 2 worlds for me.

For deeper context, [INSERT CONTEXT]


My current and/or planned product roster is: [LIST YOUR CURRENT PRODUCTS]

Here's how I want you to do "world-building"

World-building in the context of marketing refers to the practice of creating a comprehensive, immersive environment or ecosystem around a brand, product, or service. It involves crafting a narrative, setting, characters, and lore that go beyond traditional advertising techniques to deeply engage customers. The aim is to foster an emotional connection and a sense of belonging among consumers, encouraging long-term loyalty and engagement. It also involves creating a cohesive product and resource roster that serve customers at every part of their customer journey - from having almost no idea about the brand, to having used the brands’ services. Whenever a problem of the customer is solved, there should be another product that solves their next problem, which keeps the customers inside the world of the brand for as long as possible (because the products & resources are so incredibly helpful for them)

1) Inspect my current product roster to get an idea of how the products are connected, and how my current situation looks like
2) With the goal of building an extremely profitable and sticky business on a 5-year horizon, think about resources, products, services, and other tactics I can use to create a world for my customers. A sticky business is one where the customer lifetime is high, and there’s always a product to solve the next problem of a customer. A profitable business is one where the cost of replication of these products is low or zero. At best, the products have a low maintenance cost, so they can be set up once and sold forever.
3. Paint two different world building scenarios for my brand. Walk through which products & resources specifically you’d create, which purpose  these products & resources would serve, and how they would interact with each other.
4. Paint a customer journey for each world you build to show how my typical customer persona would “walk” through the world you built


    • What’s your background?

    • What do you do?

    • How do you view yourself?

    • What are your goals?

    • What do you enjoy?

  1. Example:


    “Anything from aspiring solopreneurs / business owners to people who already run a solo or bigger business. What unites them is their interest in AI. Many of them are also interested in content creation and building a brand.”

  2. Fill in the [LIST YOUR CURRENT PRODUCTS] placeholder with an overview of your current products



    “The AI Audience Accelerator: The AI Audience Accelerator is a $200 high-quality video course with one clear outcome: To help solopreneurs grow an audience online without exhausting yourself on the content hamster wheel. It helps them create 1 week's worth of content in 1 hour.”

Here’s an example of the “AI Eden” world it created for me:

What to do with the output

Now that you have ideas for how you can build the world, you can ask ChatGPT:

Thank you, I like the world [INSERT WORLD NAME FROM GPT'S OUTPUT]. Please write me an actionable process of how I should build out that world, and in what order I should build the products and resources

This will give you a roadmap for building out the world, and a bunch of product/resource ideas that go well together.

For example:

Wrap up


  • Why the best brands build worlds (and how you can, too)

  • My Future World Vision for the AI Solopreneur (steal my gameplan for your niche)

  • The World Builder Prompt: Ideate Worlds In Seconds

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Keep diving,


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