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How to use ChatGPT to write a Twitter thread that doesn't suck in 10 minutes

Learn how to draft Twitter threads with AI, how to "humanise" them, and how to modify your input for the best results (+ BONUS: how to make Italian-mom-level pesto)

Read time: 8 minutes (it’ll be worth every second)

Greet from the deep!

This is the AI Solopreneur, the newsletter for - you guessed it - AI Solopreneurs.

Today, we’ll talk about Twitter’s two UNSPOKEN rules and how you can use ChatGPT to write Twitter threads in less than 10 minutes.

(and don’t worry - it won’t be one of those trash threads with 5 hashtags and two emojis per tweet)

Let’s dive in! 🤿

On Twitter, there’s two unspoken rules everyone agrees on silently: 

1) Don’t say anything about using AI to generate content

2) Always proofread your tweets before hitting send (unless you're a politician)

Seriously though…

Most big content creators use AI to write content, but no one’s talking about it publicly.


Because when the best ChatGPT thread-writing prompts leak, the creators don’t have a competitive edge anymore.

It’s kinda like an Italian family restaurant giving away their secret recipe for the best pesto.

Or KFC sharing their 11 secret spices.

Today, you’ll learn the secret stuff…

At least how to write good Twitter threads with ChatGPT, how to make the world’s best pesto.

(still working on hacking KFC’s servers to find out the spices)

ChatGPT prompt: Write Twitter threads using the AIDA framework 🛠️

The writing technique we will use today consists of two prompts that you chain atop of each other.

First, use this prompt to structure your thread on a high level using the proven AIDA copywriting framework.

(trust, me AIDA’s as proven as a framework as Elon Musk is as a proven Twitter meme lord)

Step 1: Prompt ChatGPT to generate AIDA thread structure

Develop a Twitter thread outline using the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework on the topic of “TOPIC”

Ensure each tweet in the thread aligns with the respective AIDA stages.

Step 2: Use the “Tweet-What-Why-How” framework for compelling tweets

Secondly, use this prompt to turn the high-level AIDA thread outline into more reader-friendly, intriguing, and actionable tweets:

Now, expand the above outline into a Twitter thread following the "Tweet-Why-How-Snap" framework, all written in a tone that's confident, knowledgeable, and helpful. 

Don't repeat yourself. The thread should have readability grade 6 or lower.

For each tweet, remember to follow the "Tweet-Why-How-Snap" framework:

"Tweet": The tweet from your previous output in 15 words or less. no hashtags allowed

"Why": Logically explains why the "Tweet" is important or true in 7 words or less. Can't begin with "to" or "this".

"How": 3 actionable steps on 2-5 words each in bullet points “•” on how to implement the principle from "What" into your everyday life. These should be as specific and actionable as possible.

"Snap": a short, 3-6 word sequence that wraps up the "Tweet" and "How" with a takeaway, wise quote, or lesson. Reading the "snap" should leave the reader with a sense of satisfaction 

Remember to make each tweet engaging and informative. Assume the reader doesn't know anything about the topic yet, so please make sure to give context to any new terms or principles.

REMEMBER, list the "How" part of the framework formatted as bullet points. REMEMBER, the "Snap" should be 3-6 words, and the "Why" should be 7 words or less. Good luck!

No exclamation marks, no hashtags, no emojis
  • Prompt 1 uses the AIDA framework to structure the thread in a compelling way.

  • Prompt 2 expands and edits the tweets to make them easier to understand and more actionable.

After following step 1 & 2, ChatGPT wrote me this thread about “How to drown in high-quality leads”:

2 ways to improve the thread output quality:

1) Make the name of the thread highly specific

Instead of using the thread headline: “newsletter tips”

Say: “6 tactics to grow your newsletter by 5000 subscribers a month without spending a dollar”

More specific input → More specific the output = More original thread

2) Turn your notes into threads for more uniqueness

To take your threads to the next level, alter the first prompt to make it based on notes.

When you ask ChatGPT to write threads based on your notes, it makes the output more unique because you already told it what’s relevant about the thread topic.

Unique input = unique output.

Here’s how to change the prompt:


Based on the above notes, develop a Twitter thread outline using the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) framework on the topic of "How to drown in high-quality leads" 

Ensure each tweet in the thread aligns with the respective AIDA stages.

The notes I've given you might not contain enough information to deliver an actionable thread of this size, in which case I want you to search the internet for other relevant information to the topic. Don't repeat yourself. The thread should have readability grade 6 or lower.
  1. Turning podcast notes into threads

  2. Turning Youtube video notes into threads

  3. Turning notes from an article into a thread

Let me know if you find any other use case!

3 steps to “humanise” the thread output

After you’ve gotten the ChatGPT output, do this to turn it into a ready-to-post Twitter thread:

1) Select the relevant portions of your output

The prompt gives you 10 tweets, but your thread should be shorter than that.

Remove the 3-5 tweets you don’t like, and keep the best ones.

This increases the quality of your thread.

2) Add transitional phrases

Just like hating taxes unites money, real estate, and crypto Twitter…

Transitional phrases bind together thread tweets and make them readable.

Enrich your tweets with phrases like:

"But...", "Then...", "Next...", etc.

This makes your copy flow better, and the thread more natural-looking.

3) Use questions to engage the reader

Nothing captivates your audience more than a question directed towards them.


Add 1-2 questions to the reader in your thread, such as “Do you agree?, "Right?", or "Don't you agree?"

But don’t overuse them.


Because wouldn’t it sound a bit annoying?

If all sentences were questions?

Or what do you think?


Wrap up

  • How to chain ChatGPT prompts to create compelling Twitter threads

  • How to turn any notes into an actionable Twitter thread

  • 3 ways to “humanise” your ChatGPT threads for even higher quality

At this point, you might feel a bit sad about ChatGPT replacing Twitter thread writers.

Or not.

But don’t worry….

AI is still far behind us at humanity’s best craft:

Creating memes.

I mean, just look at this AI-generated meme:

(although I wonder what god-level AGI memes will look like…)

But I’m getting off topic…

Keep diving,

PS. I didn’t forget about the pesto.

Here’s the secret tips I use to create Italian-mom-level pesto at home:

  1. Buy the best olive oil possible

  2. Use A LOT of fresh basil (still in the pot)

  3. Roast pine seeds AND little bit of walnuts

  4. Use way more basil than you think

  5. Add a little bit of lemon

and viola!

What did you think about today's edition?

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