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  • 🐙 Use Russel Brunson's proven "Epiphany Bridge" framework to write stories that sell

🐙 Use Russel Brunson's proven "Epiphany Bridge" framework to write stories that sell

Teach AI how to write a world-class sales story in 5 minutes

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Greet from the deep,

It’s the AI Solopreneur here - the AI newsletter that teaches proven business frameworks to ChatGPT to make the life of solopreneurs easier.

Everyone’s ranting about how AI content makes storytelling more important…

…but what if I told you can use AI to become a better storyteller?

Today, you’ll learn how to tell selling stories by using the Epiphany Bridge storytelling framework by Russel Brunson.

Now, grab your oxygen tanks, folks - we're about to dive in! 🤿

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Storytelling - The Timeless Selling Technique

I’ve seen people trying to explain why storytelling is powerful a million times, but it almost always sounded a bit “woo woo” to me.

So I’ll try to be straightforward with you:

We all like stories because they help us organize information.

They help us understand new ideas by connecting them to feelings and experiences (kinda like psychedelics).

That’s storytelling is one of the world’s most powerful communication skills.

It helps you:

  • Explain complex things to your friends

  • Tell bedtime stories to your loved ones (biggest flex)

  • Persuade strangers to buy stuff from you

Yes, storytelling is perhaps the most powerful persuasion strategy.

If you know how to design a story around yourself to build trust, create relatability, and position your product as the solution to your audience’s pain…

…you’ll print more money than the guys who sell ice cream on the beaches in the summer.

To create stories that sell, Russel Brunson invented the “Epiphany Bridge” framework:


  • We love stories because they help us make sense of how information relates to each other

  • Stories are also one of the most effective ways to persuade others

  • This one guy Russel Brunson invented a proven framework you can use to tell selling stories…

The Epiphany Bridge Framework Broken Down: Why It’s So Effective

The Epiphany Bridge consists of 6 framework parts:

The framework is so effective for selling because it creates deep emotional connection.

Instead of sharing facts and statistics, this framework focuses on the personal journey and the 'aha!' moment, creating a relatable and emotive narrative.

Every Epiphany Bridge has these 6 parts:

1) The Backstory

Start with your backstory that relates to the product. This might be the problem you were facing that led to the development of the product.

What was the specific problem you (or your customers) faced back then?

What was the desire or goal you (or your customers) had?

2) The Wall

Now, we introduce conflict - the wall.

This is the point where you faced a seemingly insurmountable challenge (like having to listen to German folk music for 6 hours straight).

It's the dramatic tension that keeps your audience hooked.

For example, a wall could be:

"Despite trying everything, I couldn't make my business profitable. I was on the brink of giving up."

3) The Epiphany

This is the "Aha!" moment you had that led to the creation of your product.

This is where you share the big insight that changed everything.

Maybe you stumbled upon a game-changing business strategy or an AI tool that revolutionized your workflow.

4) The Plan

After the epiphany, you need a plan. How did you take the epiphany and put it into action?

Your plan might be "I decided to implement the new strategy in my business, focusing on only one niche market."

5) The Conflict

Just when things seem to be going well, another conflict arises. This is an opportunity to build further interest and empathy.

For instance, "Implementing the new strategy was harder than I thought. There were unexpected challenges and pushbacks."

6) The Achievement and transformation

And finally, we arrive at the achievement.

This is where you share the success of the product – how it solved your problem, and how it's now helping others too.

For example, I solved my problem of having no time to create content with ChatGPT systems, which I’m now sharing in the AI Audience Accelerator.

In either case, now that you understand the script, it’s time to teach it to ChatGPT - and this is where stuff gets really powerful:


  • The Epiphany Bridge Framework comprises of six parts: Backstory, Wall, Epiphany, Plan, Conflict, and Achievement.

  • This storytelling tool can help you connect with your audience at an emotional level.

  • Using AI like ChatGPT, you can generate compelling stories following this framework, increasing your marketing and audience engagement

Prompt: Use The Life-Changing Legend Launcher To Tell Selling Stories

The “Life-Changing Legend Launcher” writes an 800-word Epiphany Bridge script to turn you from a story hero to a legend:

I want you to write an Epiphany Bridge script for me.

For context, [GIVE CONTEXT]

Here's a brief description of what I want to have in each of the 6 framework parts:

1) The Backstory: [BACKSTORY]

2) The Wall: [WALL]

3) Epiphany: [EPIPHANY]

4) The plan: [PLAN]

5) Conflict: [CONFLICT]

6) Achievement and transformation: [ACHIEVEMENT]

Now, write a 800-word long persuasive Epiphany Bridge script for me and my product.


	1. Use snappy, persuasive language
	2. Use conversational tone of voice
	3. Don't hallucinate any personal experiences


  • Provide context about yourself and your product in the [GIVE CONTEXT] field

  • Fill out each [PLACEHOLDER] of the Epiphany Bridge framework with 1-2 sentences.

(Filling out the prompt might take you 2-3 minutes, but drafting an Epiphany Bridge script yourself will take HOURS)

Here’s the Epiphany Bridge GPT-4 crafted for me and AI Audience Accelerator:

I grew my Twitter from 0 to 100k in 65 days.

Now I’m creating a course that’ll teach you:

  • How to create a week's worth of content in 1 hour

  • How to create Content that sounds like YOU

  • AI Systems that skyrocketed my growth

Wrap up


  • Why storytelling is a timeless communication & sales skill

  • How the Epiphany Bridge works and why it’s so effective

  • How to use the “Life-Changing Legend Launcher” to write your selling storytelling script

We talked a lot about stories today. But one thing is sure….

You can’t tell stories if all you do is starring at a screen all day (I’m guilty of that too). That’s why I’m going on a little boat trip today to enjoy some beers with ice cubes. What are your plans this weekend, let me know!

Keep diving,


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