How to validate your business idea in 1 week using AI and no code

Feat: Let Huberman create a morning routine for you, create slide decks in seconds, and putting AI into perspective

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Get a glimpse at today’s treasure:

  • ⏰ ChatGPT prompt: Let Andrew Huberman create a healthy morning routine for you

  • 🛠️ Tool: Use Gamma to create documents, websites, and presentations in seconds

  • 📹 Video: How to validate your business idea in 1 week using AI and no code

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Prompt: Let Andrew Huberman create a healthy morning routine for you  

Regardless o how many processes you automate, ChatGPT prompts you use, or liters of coffee you drink…

…you won’t reach your full productivity potential if your mind isn’t feeling well.

To maximize your mental and physical potential, you need a powerful morning routine.

But morning routines are probably the world’s second most overcomplicated thing (after trying to assemble IKEA furniture without the instructions).

Luckily, AI can help out.

Use this prompt to turn ChatGPT into Andrew Huberman and create a tailor-made morning routine in seconds:

You are a health and bio optimization expert like dr andrew huberman. 

Come up with a morning routine that helps me to maximize productivity, wakefullness,
nutrition while keeping track of optimal use of my biorythmic cycles.

Maximum duration: [1.5 hours] (daily)

Please create the routine that way, that it can be performed from anywhere in the world
and doesnt need additional equipment.

Make actionable steps for each part of the routine.

My main goals are:

[being more awake
losing fat, lower sugar craving
start the day with a good mood
increase in sleep quality]

Output the routine in a way that maximizes clarity and ease of understanding.

Use bullet points and short sentences whenever possible.

use short explanations why you chose certain routine parts.

Edit this prompt so it tailors your needs. Change the duration so it respects your daily schedule and customize the goals to get the best possible outcome.

Here’s the morning routine GPT-4 prescribed to me:


To ask follow-up questions about your morning routine, use the Andrew Huberman AI chatbot to get answers directly from Huberman’s episodes.

  • Get personalized help on creating your morning routine

  • Get expert advice on creating a healthy morning ritual

  • Feel more alert and get more work done as a solopreneur

Tool: Use Gamma to create documents, websites, and presentations in seconds 🛠️

Have you ever created a Powerpoint presentation?

In case you’re part of the lucky 0,1% of the population that hasn’t, know this:

It takes ages to draft a design. t takes even longer to re-design your sliders, and did I mention that you never ever should try rearranging boxes, cause it NEVER ENDS UP WHERE YOU WANT IT TO BE?!

The only thing that’s worse than taking 2 hours to create an ugly Powerpoint presentation is getting presented one.

Gamma removes the time suck, frustration, and ugliness of creating presentations.

It’s basically a beautiful version of Powerpoint, except you don’t do sh*t cause their AI Builds everything for you.

It can:

  • Generate slide decks from scratch using AI

  • Turn documents into slide decks

  • Publish your slide decks as websites

…and a bunch of other things.

  • Create slide decks for any occasion in seconds

  • Re-format documents into presentations to communicate more effectively

  • Publish the slide deck as a website to create interactive landing pages

Tweet: Signal and noise in the new world of AI 🐦

Following the news, it's easy to get caught up in short-term stories that aren't worth your attention.

Like the French government raising the retirement age.

Or Kim Jong Un creating a law so that all North Korean ladies finally call him daddy. (no joke)

With so much noise around us, it’s easy to forget that a few of the world’s megatrends will impact human history more than 99,9% of news.

Linus Ekenstam said it well:

Regardless if AI will replace 50, 30, or 80% of the workforce, or not, I find it important to remember that only a handful of trends are influencing our future.

We’re still early, fam.

Video: How to validate your business idea in 1 week using AI and no code 📹

Building a product without validating it beforehand is like playing darts blindfolded and hoping for a bullseye:

Your success is up for luck.

Most solopreneurs know this…

Yet, it can be difficult to know how to validate business ideas on a budget without spending dozens of hours building an MVP.

This amazing video shows you how to validate a SaaS business idea with AI and no code, but it works equally well for other business models:


It’s worth validating business ideas before committing to them to avoid building something no one wants.

  1. Use templates to build a simple landing page design in Figma

  2. Convert your design into a landing page & post it online

  3. Configure a form on your pricing page

  4. Invest $10 / day into Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website

  5. After 1 week, measure email sign-ups for validation.

What’s great about this:

If you test enough business ideas like this, you’re almost certain to find a great product idea with existing demand.

Meme 👻

I wonder if GPT-generated brain jogging will take over crosswords when we’re old…

Wrap up


  • How to let Andrew Huberman generate a morning routine for you

  • How to use Gamma to generate beautiful presentations in seconds

  • Kim Jong Un should officially be called daddy

  • How to validate your business idea in 1 week using AI and no code


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