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Hey solopreneur,

I know you’ve been busy focusing on growing your audience.

Maybe you’re grinding threads on X.

Or maybe you’re spending lots of time perfecting your LinkedIn posts.

But let’s imagine you grow your audience to several thousand, or even tens of thousands of followers.

Then what?

It’s an honest question.

Because what’s the point of having an audience if you never monetize it?

I ran into this same problem.

After hitting 100,000 followers and 17,000 newsletter readers, I was only making $3.5k/month!

I realize you’ve probably already thought about this, and chances are, you’ve dreamt of creating your own course one day.

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This is the same AI system and prompt library that helped me create The Audience Accelerator (and make $320,000 selling it).

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(Full-time AI solopreneur and part-time cat whisperer)