🐙 There wasn’t enough Red Bull on the planet.

Hey solopreneur,

When I was creating my first course, the AI Audience Accelerator, I lived on Red Bull.

(No joke, I was a radioactive walking zombie)

This was real footage of me, 24/7, for over 2 straight months:

Before building the course, I had some sense of just how difficult it would be…

But there’s really no way to know until you actually experience it.

12 hour day after 12 hour day.

There were so many things to do.

Landing pages.

Email marketing sequences.

Setting up my affiliate army.

Twitter threads to build hype.

Auto-DM giveaways to drive email traffic.

Hopping on countless calls with my audience for customer research.

Not to mention drafting and editing the actual course itself…

Even with the guidance of my experienced course-building consultants that I paid over 5-figures for…

There was simply no escaping the actual work in that first go-round.

All those 12 hour days didn’t just affect my sleep…

It even tested my personal relationships and kept me on edge for weeks (or maybe it was just the Red Bull).

Was it all worth it?

F*ck yeah it was.

Would I do it all over again?

Eh…a part of me strangely would. But it nearly destroyed me.

So I knew next time, there had to be a different way of doing things.

Then it dawned on me.

Here, at our fingertips, we have the most powerful invention for elevating human productivity since the birth of the internet:

Artificial intelligence.

AI can help us do nearly anything with a crazy fast output.

So I thought…

“Why can’t I train AI to help me build a course 10x faster, too?”

“What if AI could help me do tedious course-building tasks in minutes instead of weeks?”

Not only that…

What if I trained it to help me make smarter decisions?”

“What if I trained it to help me think of things I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of — so I’d be less likely to fail?”

Well, my friend. I’ve taken all of these questions and more…

And turned them into answers.

More specifically:

A concrete, step-by-step comprehensive roadmap to help you build your own 6-figure product with AI (in just 14 days).

I’m proud to announce that the AI Course Creator will be available on March 8.

It’s the exact blueprint I wish I had when I was building my first course.

I’m honestly jealous of everyone who’ll take it…

Because thanks to the hyper-efficient AI systems I’ve integrated into the course-building processes I used for my 6-figure product launch…

You won’t have to sacrifice the:

  • Relationships

  • Mental sanity

  • and years of life that I lost during my 2-month Red Bull-fueled psychosis.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you a module-by-module breakdown of exactly how my system will help you create your own course 10x faster.

Here’s a little sneak preview:

Can’t wait for you to finally see what’s inside (I’m genuinely super proud of this curriculum — there’s nothing else like it on the market and I think you’ll learn (and profit) so much from it).

See you then,


The AI Solopreneur

P.S. — This message was related to the upcoming release of my upcoming product, the 6-figure AI Course Creator.

If you no longer wish to hear about this opportunity, that’s no problem (I promise my feelings won’t be hurt :)…

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