Welcome to the deep sea of AI

You're in! One quick step and we are ready to go..

Hey friend.

Have you ever been in the deep sea before?

It's pitch-black down here.

The only light I have comes from my dim ChatGPT MacBook display.

And it’s lonely…

…or well, it WAS lonely, until I saw you signed up for the AI Solopreneur.

Another solopreneur aboard!

I just high-fived my 3rd and 4th tentacles.

I’m so excited, I gotta watch myself so I don’t spray ink all over my cage again.

Last time I did at Twitter, I got evicted by Elon…

But I’m getting off-topic.

Today, I have 1 simple request of you:

I wanna make sure my emails don’t go flirting in your spam folder.

So please reply to this email with “Octopus" — this will help your email provider recognize me, keep me out of your spam folder, and might get you on the FBI’s watchlist for people with weird email quirks.

Just kidding.

One last thing..

Please move us to your primary inbox. Otherwise, my emails might get stuck, which sucks even more than getting lost in the deep sea…

In either case…

Thanks for joining this crazy adventure with me,

Huzzy the Octopus