Time to dive deep...

Greet from the deep!

I didn’t expect this…

…but our deep sea community’s filling up faster than Donald Trump’s lawsuit.

There’s 1,750 of us already.

Now it’s 1,751.

These numbers are gettin’ me all dizzy, so let me get to the point:

Starting this Wednesday, you’ll receive two emails a week from me.

Both of them will help you build your business or make your life easier through AI.

The first format, that you’ll get on Wednesdays, will be a short, curated newsletter with 6 resources relevant to your solopreneur business:

  • 1 tool

  • 1 news

  • 1 video

  • 1 tweet

  • 1 meme

  • 1 prompt

It’ll be like a treasure hunt in the deep sea:

I’ll dig up a bunch of valuable stuff & share it with you.

The second format, that you’ll get on Saturdays, will be a submarine deep dive where I’ll show you 1 AI solution to 1 business problem (and I might sneak in one or two memes from my reef).

That’s all for today.

Except for this meme:

At least the octopuses will be fine if GPT-5 goes crazy on you humans ;)

Now, I’m gonna dive deep.

See ya soon,

Huzzy the Octopus