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Hey solopreneur,

Have you ever gotten frustrated at ChatGPT for sounding like a robot?

I mean, while it technically is a robot, I’ve personally spent HOURS raging at my ChatGPT computer screen for sounding like one.

Actual footage of me from AI Solopreneur HQ:

Luckily, after countless hours of tinkering, I’ve figured out how to perfectly tune ChatGPT (and other LLM’s like Claude) to sound just like me.

Today, we’ll talk about how to train ANY LLM how to write exactly like you — so you can create content in a fraction of the time of the competition.

You’ll learn:

  • How to turn ChatGPT into your own personal writing clone (that’s indistinguishable from your manual writing)

  • Why implementing this prompt into your workflow is one of the biggest competitive advantages in the content game

  • Countless ways you can implement this trick into any of your other prompts

Let’s. Dive. In. 🤿

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Why training ChatGPT to write like you is the ultimate cheat code for social media domination

Alright, let's get serious for a moment.

Training ChatGPT to write like you is more than just a fun party trick…

It's a game-changer for your social media presence.

When I finally understood how to do it, it felt like the first time I discovered how to cut a sandwich into a triangle shape…..

There was a life before and after….

By feeding ChatGPT enough of your writing, you can create a digital sidekick that helps you:
  • Pump out high-quality content consistently

  • Overcome writer's block

  • Standout in a sea of bland automated content

Now, these are the 2 most “fatal” mistakes most people make when using ChatGPT to write content:

  1. They don’t train ChatGPT on their unique writing style AT ALL

  2. If they do train ChatGPT on their writing, they rarely feed it enough data to comprehensively understand your data

The reason it’s so important we avoid these common mistakes:

When you train ChatGPT with your writing style, it learns to mimic your voice, tone, and even your favorite phrases.

This means you can generate more content in less time, without sacrificing quality or authenticity.

For example, let's say you're a Twitter writer who writes about personal finance.

You could feed ChatGPT a dozen of your best blog posts, and then ask it to generate new thread ideas or even full newsletters based on your style.

Instead of staring at a blank screen for hours, you'll have a starting point that sounds like it came straight from your keyboard.

lightbulb moment

When you're consistently putting out content that sounds like you, your audience will start to recognize and trust your voice.

And when you're stuck in a creative rut, AI can carry the burden and keep pumping out high-quality, authentic content to engage your followers and grow your brand.

So, how do you actually train ChatGPT to sound like you?

It’s extremely simple.

So simple, in fact, that you just copy this short prompt and attach it to ANY other prompt.

Let me explain…

The “ Wicked Writer’s Clone” Prompt

This prompt is simple:

It’s intended to be “attached” to the bottom of another prompt.

And it helps you train ChatGPT (or Claude) to sound EXACTLY like your writing style in its outputs.

Remember: the key unlock here is to train ChatGPT on as much “data” of your writing in the attached PDF as possible. More on this in the instructions below.

I want you to follow my writing style to the most precise degree possible.

To help you understand my writing style, I've uploaded an archive of my past writings in the attached PDF.

Please analyze and write according to this style:
HOW TO USE THE “Writer’s Clone” PROMPT:
  1. Create a new Google Doc.

  2. Assemble as many examples of your previous writing as possible into a Google Doc. The more examples of your original writing you can copy-paste in there, the better. These examples could be:

    1. Old Twitter threads

    2. Blog posts

    3. University essays

    4. Random thoughts in your Notion or Apple Notes

  3. Once you have ideally at least 40+ pages of writing in the Google Doc, download it as a PDF.

  4. Upload this PDF to ChatGPT or Claude.

  5. Copy-paste the prompt and attach it to the bottom of any other prompt you want to combine it with.

In this example, I combined the “Writer’s Clone” prompt with my trusty “Russel Brunson Hook-Story-Offer” prompt:

(you can read more about the Russel Brunson prompt here if you’d like):


  • How to turn ChatGPT into your own personal writing clone (that’s indistinguishable from your manual writing)

  • Why implementing this prompt into your workflow is one of the biggest competitive advantages in the content game

  • How to combine this prompt with any of your other prompts

Armed with this prompt, you should never go a day without posting content EVER again.

Burnout who??

But in all seriousness, as you read this I’m probably 30,000 feet overhead, flying over the Atlantic Ocean from Cyprus to the US.

I’ll be speaking at Imagine AI in Las Vegas and hanging out at NFT NYC afterwards.

I haven’t been back to the States since 2018, so I’m excited to say the least.

Hit me up if you’re around!

Keep diving,

Ole (The unofficial Pineapple King)

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