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How to use Russel Brunson’s “Hook-Story-Offer” framework to write sales pages in 3 minutes

Is this the most versatile sales framework?

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Ever wondered why some solopreneurs seem to magically attract audiences while others struggle in obscurity?

What if the difference wasn’t luck, but a hidden, yet accessible, tool they were using? What if YOU could harness that tool, too?

I was once a struggling DJ from Germany, spinning records and barely making ends meet.

The constant hustle, the sleepless nights, and the empty pockets were a relentless cycle.

But everything changed when AI technology became the secret beat in my entrepreneurial journey….

Ok, I’ll admit it:

These first lines were 100% written by my AI landing page writer.

Pretty good, right?

In this edition, you will learn:

  • Why sales without context is like slapping a wet fish into your customers’ face

  • The Hook-Story-Offer framework explained

  • How to use Russel Brunson’s “Hook-Story-Offer” framework to sell your products

  • Prompt template: The Russel Brussel Sales Page Writer

  • 3 surprising ways you can use the output of The Russel Brussel Sales Page Writer to get more sales


Let’s dive in!

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Why sales without context is like slapping a wet fish into your customers’ face

How do you sell well?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself several times since entering the digital world.

So far, this is what I’ve learned:

Bad selling is like telling a joke with no punchline.

It’s when salespeople just throw their offer like a wet fish into your face.


= Offer with no context.

Good selling, on the other hand, is all about delivering the punchline with context.

Because context frames the offer.

And the best context you can give is a story - because humans use stories to make sense of everything.

That’s why Russel Brunsons’ Hook-Story-Offer framework is so powerful.

The Hook-Story-Offer framework explained:

The framework consists of 3 parts:

  • First, it grabs your audience’s attention with a Hook.

  • Second, it tells your Story in a way that shows the power of your product.

  • Third, it pitches your Offer based on the Story you told.

Here’s how to think about (and use) each part of the framework:


Your hook is like the movie trailer.

It has to grab attention.

3 ways you can do this:

  • Make a promise

  • Build curiosity

  • Be relatable


"If you're a solopreneur tired of 80-hour weeks, what if I told you there's a secret to doubling your revenue while halving your work hours?"


This is where you tug at the heartstrings by sharing your own backstory.

The way you should think about this:

Show your customer that you can relate to their pain points and show them how you've walked a mile in their shoes.

It’s the low-point of your journey.


“I used to be a broke German DJ and I lost a bunch of money in the FTX crash before I discovered how to use AI to build an audience online”


Time to wrap it up.

Your offer needs to be so good they can't say no.

  • Bundles, guarantees

  • Limited-time discounts

  • Bring it on

Make them feel like they're robbing you lol.


“The AI Audience Accelerator”

How to use the Hook-Story-Offer framework to sell your products

As you just learned, selling your products becomes much easier when you put them into context with a story.

The only thing you need to do is to add a hook and Story to your existing Offer to increase sales.

That would take you HOURS to do manually though…

…if I hadn’t taught GPT to do it for you ;)

Prompt template: The Russel Brussel Sales Page Writer

This prompt writes a landing page for you using Russel Brunson’s “Hook-Story-Offer” framework:

Using Russel Brunsons' "Hook-Story-Offer" framework, I want you to write a landing page text for me.

For context, [INSERT CONTEXT]

My backstory is: I used to be a [INSERT LOW POINT], then I found [YOUR PRODUCT / SOLUTION], and now I help others do the same / [YOUR OFFER]

My offer is: [INSERT OFFER]


When writing a text in the "Hook-Story-Offer" framework, this is important to consider:

1) The hook should catch the reader's attention through one of 3 ways: 1) Using curiosity (stick out from the crowd) 2) Show empathy by making a statement or posing a question relevant to the audience's inner fears and desires 3) Make a promise (that the offer later fulfils)

All good hooks keep the audience in mind.

2) The story should be short, action-packed, and extremely compelling. Each line should make the reader want to read the next.

3. The offer should be ridiculously compelling. (Use urgency, scarcity, decrease risk, increase perceived value)

4. Use an empathetic, persuasive but authentic tone of voice

For example, here is a sales email written with the Hook-Story-Offer framework:

## Hook:
I don't think I've ever admitted this publicly, but...

## Story:
Not too long ago, I was a really freaking slow writer.
Most people can write a blog post in a day or two.
Me? I could only manage one or two a month.
It was embarrassing, but I thought it's just how I worked. Slow and steady.
One day though, I was talking to a buddy who's a professional novelist, and he mentioned how he wrote 15,000 words a day.
"Holy crap," I said. "That's a real gift."
"Not a gift," he told me. "I had to retrain myself how to write."
I asked him what he meant, and he showed me an entirely new way of writing that a lot of fiction writers are using. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try.
Within a week, I was writing a post within two days. A month after that, I was down to only four hours.
And we're not talking about quick, crappy writing, either. It was my usual quality.

## Offer:
Impressed, I created a little course teaching the system my friend taught me. I called it "Become a Writing Machine."
Normally, it's $49, but earlier today, I was looking through it and thinking,
'You know, this stuff really helped me. My buddy really did me a favor telling me about it."
So, I'll tell you what. Today, I'm going to "pay it forward" and do YOU a favor.
Just for a little while, I'm going to cut the price by 85%. You can grab the whole course for seven bucks.
Click here for details on Become a Writing Machine
I don't really make any profit at that price. Just break even, probably.
But I want more people to have it, so what the hell.
If you're a slow writer, take a look. It'll help you.
Talk soon,

As another example, here’s a different sales page written with the Hook-Story-Offer framework:

## Hook:

You could have sworn that it was going to work this time.
You spent months building your product and countless hours trying to perfect it.
Then you launched.
You hit the big red button.
And so few people signed up that you’re wondering if maybe it was all a big mistake.
You can’t believe it didn’t work AGAIN.
This has happened in the past.
You just thought this time would be different.
We understand.

## Story: Just 5 short years ago, I launched a new company called ClickFunnels, and as the “non-technical” co founder who had no skills in coding, I wasn’t able to help create the software, but I knew my role.
When the cart opened on launch day, I needed to have a pipeline of people begging to sign up for their free trial…
And everyday after that, I needed to make sure I kept filling our funnels with our dream customers.
To do that, I had to learn how to get traffic from dozens of different sources…
I couldn’t rely on just Facebook, or just Google.
I had to learn how to do things differently… I had to be smarter.
Five Years And Thousands Of Tests Later…
That was 5 years ago…
During that time, we almost lost ClickFunnels.
We had a great product, but it was very hard to get people to know we even existed.
We tested everything…
If someone said this would get us more traffic, we tested it, on our own dime.
Most of the things we tried didn’t work…
But a few of the things, the “REAL SECRETS” that did work started to compound on each other.
Each new secret would help us to tap into a new stream of our dream customers!
What seemed impossible before (getting a consistent flow of our dream customers into our funnels), was now a reality.

## Offer:

Here’s what I want to give you.
* 14 Days Free of ClickFunnels ($50)
* Training on Building Your First Sales Funnel ($500)
* Advanced Training on Building Sales Funnels That Convert ($1,000)
* One-On-One Training With a Sales Funnel Expert ($500)
* My Book on Building High-Converting Sales Funnels ($20)
But I know that’s expensive — it comes to $2,070
And I want to make sure you feel like you’re getting a good deal.
So for TODAY ONLY, I’m offering it to you for $100.
(I can’t afford to keep this offer up for more than a day).
If you want to do it, now is the time.
And if you still aren’t sure, I’ll even offer a money-back guarantee so that I’m taking all the risk on my own shoulders.
What’ve you got to lose?

How to use the prompt

  1. Fill in the [INSERT CONTEXT] placeholder with context about yourself and who you are. (If you’ve done the AI Audience Accelerator, write /context to use your pre-written context)

  2. Fill in the backstory section with your backstory. What was your low-point before creating this product?

For example:

“I used to be a broke German DJ, then I found and leveraged AI to create content, and now I help others do the same”

  1. Fill in the [INSERT OFFER] placeholder with information about your offer.

For example:

“The AI Audience Activator, a free 5-day educational email course that teaches my audience how to go from 0 to 1 in terms of audience building. It includes:

[I listed all the product features]”

Here’s a sales page it wrote for the AI Audience Activator email course:

Writing a sales page as good as this would’ve taken me 3+ hours or cost me $3,000+ to hire a professional copywriter for.

Now, you can do this for free - in 3 minutes.

I’m still amazed by AI…

3 surprising ways you can use the output of The Russel Brussel Sales Page Writer to get more sales

1) Landing Pages

Once you have your Hook, Story, Offer— use it as the copy of your landing page.

A/B test different hooks to see which grabs more eyeballs.

2) Sales Emails

You can also use it for sales emails.

Start with the hook to build curiosity, elaborate with the story, and close the deal with your offer.

On Russel Brunson’s own article on the framework, he shares this compelling sales email by a friend:

3) Ads

Here’s a secret:

Most great ads also follow the “Hook-Story-Offer” framework.

To get ChatGPT to write an ad for you with this framework, add the constraint:

"The sales text should be less than 280 characters and be suitable for an ad"

Here’s a sample ad it wrote for me:


  • Landing page

  • Sales emails

  • Ads

Wrap up


  • Why sales without context is like slapping a wet fish into your customers’ face

  • The Hook-Story-Offer framework explained

  • How to use Russel Brunson’s “Hook-Story-Offer” framework to sell your products

  • Prompt template: The Russel Brussel Sales Page Writer

  • 3 surprising ways you can use the output of The Russel Brussel Sales Page Writer to get more sales

Today’s newsletter made me dive back into my old music days.

I always loved creating.

If you ever wondered what that sounded like, here’s one

Even though I never made a lot of money in music, I loved

every second of it.

Keep diving,


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