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How to use ChatGPT to write a LinkedIn post that doesn't suck in 5 minutes

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Greet from the deep,

It's the AI Solopreneur here - the only AI newsletter that teaches you how to survive the cringy depths of LinkedIn.

In today’s edition, we'll unearth the treasure of using ChatGPT to crafting LinkedIn posts that don’t suck.

In 5 minutes, you’ll know how to:

  • Write a week’s worth of LinkedIn content in 30 minutes

  • Use ChatGPT to draft actionable LinkedIn posts

  • Improve the AI-written posts with 3 effective methods

Sounds fair?

Let's d-d-d-d-dive in! 🤿

From our partners

Have you ever tried to pay attention to a call while taking notes?

It’s more complicated than skateboarding while you juggle.

tl;dv is an AI note-taking tool that lets you focus on the conversation while AI takes care of everything else.

It helps you to:

  • Generate instant summaries

  • Transcribe conversations

  • Mark key moments

It works in over 30 languages and you can even create highlight clips from AI summaries.

Back to cringe LinkedIn posts:


AGI might become 100X smarter than humans…

…but I doubt it will ever understand LinkedIn.

It’s a weird platform:

80% of posts are just cringe,

19% are corporates humble-bragging,

…and only 1% of the content is actually useful.

At the same time, there’s massive opportunity on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn members have:

  • A high average income

  • A high level of decision power

  • Low level of humour

But to seize this opportunity, you have to post consistently.

This is where ChatGPT and the LinkedIn post writer come in:

How to write actionable LinkedIn posts that don’t suck

There are 1000s of ways to write LinkedIn posts, and covering all of them would blow the scope of this newsletter (and probably my lifetime, too).

This prompt writes high-authority, actionable LinkedIn posts for you:

Write a LinkedIn post using the "Hook-Contrarian-In Reality-Advice-Wrap" framework on the topic of "[INSERT YOUR HEADLINE]".

"Hook": 1 strong, declarative sentence to grab the readers attention. It must be less than 77 characters.

Example 1:

"If you are building a web3 company, remember this (If you don't want to die a slow death):"

Example 2: 

"ChatGPT will kill 90% of creators.

5 interesting ways to stand out in 2023:"

"Contrarian": 1-2 sentences that call out a common misconception on the topic of the article and why it's not true, and then 1 sentence to transition into the "In Reality" part of the post. Shake up the readers worldview with a fact or idea they didn't expect.

"In Reality": 1-2 sentences explaining a principle, concept, method, truth, or wisdom on the topic as opposed to "Contrarian"

"Advice": 3-5 actionable bullet points of 3-6 words on how the "In reality" advice can be implemented. These should be valuable to the reader.

"Wrap": 1 conclusive, strong sentence to sum up the post. Can be a statement, opinion, or question.


The LinkedIn post writer consists of 5 framework parts:

  • Hook: Grabs the attention of the reader

  • Contrarian: Introduces a common misconception (so you can go “well, AckcTuAllY”

  • In Reality: This is where you uncover why the misconception is wrong

  • Advice: Giving the reader actionable advice they can act on

  • Wrap: Wraps up the post like a tortilla wraps up a burrito

Tip: Pair the LinkedIn post writer with the Endless Content Idea Generator to copy/paste great ideas and produce a week’s worth of content in 30 minutes.

How to do it:

1) Use the Endless Content Idea Generator to get 40 content ideas

2) Feed the 7 best content ideas into the LinkedIn post writer

3) Edit & schedule your 7 posts

4) Get an Uber to the Lambo dealership

3 Ways to improve the LinkedIn post writer

1) Convert your notes into posts for greater uniqueness

To make your LinkedIn posts even more unique..

…modify the initial prompt to be based on notes.

These notes can be from a walk, Youtube video, book, or whatever else related to the post.

This is powerful because unique input results in unique output.

(equally true when ordering pizza toppings with your friends)

How to modify the prompt by adding notes:

Step 1: Get your notes ready, post them into chatgpt

Step 2: Enter the prompt below


Based on the above notes... [NORMAL PROMPT]

2) Mention statistics

LinkedIn is a very bori… I mean professional platform.

And professional people like statistics.

Add this to your prompt to make it include statistics:


In your output, back up your thesis with at least 1 statistic or data point and credit the source 

3) Use highly specific post titles

Specificity creates uniqueness.

Instead of using a generic headline like:

"copywriting tips”

Make your headline more precise, like:

"6 little-known email copywriting tips that will increase your email open rates by 10% in 4 weeks”


  • Convert your notes into posts for greater uniqueness.

  • Include statistics

  • Use highly specific post titles

Wrap up


  • You should be on LinkedIn even if it’s cringe

  • How to write LinkedIn posts that don’t suck with ChatGPT

  • How to weave in notes and statistics into engaging LinkedIn posts

On a side note:

My gym bought new equipment. This type of machine learning is definitely more exhausting.

Keep diving,


P.S. I’m testing to send 2 Deep Dives per week now, let me know if you like that! They focus on one big workflow per episode to help you crush it in business.

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