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  • 🐙 How to use Scott Adams Talent Stacking to increase your skills' worth

🐙 How to use Scott Adams Talent Stacking to increase your skills' worth

Increase your value in just a few hours

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5 years ago, I was a broke ghost producer.

Secretly producing tracks for famous artists, I would see my work get played and liked by millions of people, without ever seeing the money a “real” artist would see.

Was I happy?


Was I broke?


Then I got into crypto investing, and everything changed. Within a few years, my net worth increased rapidly from the trades I was making.

It was a thrilling experience.

I got into communities, learned to talk to people, built TikTok accounts to 100,000 followers, learned how to market myself, and learned how to become recognized in the German crypto space.

But then, in 2022, I crashed.

FTX took most of my net worth. I’d hit rock bottom, had lost it all.

Yet, 11 months later, I now have more business momentum than ever before, and earning more than I ever made before.

Why is that?


…I’d argue it’s because of my skill set.

Over years, I gathered a wide variety of skills, which allowed me to bounce back from the FTX crash.

That’s why I think skills are more valuable than money.

In today’s letter, you will learn:

  • How to build a valuable skill set using Scott Adams’ Talent Stacking method

  • How to 5X your skill worth using ChatGPT in 1 week

  • The 5 essential skills that skyrocket your skills worth (learn these first)

Regardless if you’re already a solopreneur or trying to become one, this will help you grow your skills faster than tourists are queuing up at Mustafa’s Gemüsekebap in Berlin.

Are you ready?

Let’s d-d-d-dive in!

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How to build a valuable skill set using Scott Adams’ Talent Stacking method

Everyone talks about net worth - how much you’re worth.

But I think we should talk about skills worth - how much your skills are worth.


Your skills worth today = Your net worth in the future

If you increase your skills worth, you will increase your net worth.

The fastest way to increase your skill set’s value is by “Talent Stacking”, a method put together by Scott Adams.

The general idea:

Talent stacking is stacking of different talents/skills to grow your skills worth and become much more valuable.

The idea is to “stack” your area of genius (one thing you’re really good at) together with a bunch of skills that are easy to learn, but valuable.

You spend 20% of the time to get 80% of the useful knowledge of these new skills.

For example:

Say you’re a Twitter ghostwriter.

This is a skill set that has high value, but many people have it.

However, if you spent 1-5 hours learning the basics of:

  • Negotiation

  • Photography

  • Game theory

  • Economics

  • Design

Your worth as a Twitter ghostwriter would 5X…

…because you could write much better content for people in the economics space, and you could also design graphics for them, etc.

This is the power of talent stacking - and soon, you will learn to do this yourself with ChatGPT.

But before that, let’s combine this powerful technique with with Naval’s advice:

(to put the pesto on the pasta, so to say)

Try to combine skills that are uncommonly combined to gain a competitive advantage.

Because there’s many copywriters who know how to do social media, but only a handful copywriters know photography as well.


Talent stacking is stacking of different talents/skills to grow your skills worth and become much more valuable.

Stack skills that are:

  • Versatile

  • Fast to learn (20% of time gets you 80% of the results)

  • Uncommonly combined

Now, let’s dive into how you can use ChatGPT to gain this competitive advantage and become high-value:

The Sic Skill Stacker prompt’

The Sic Skill Stacker prompt helps you create your unique talent stack by doing 3 things based on your background:

1) It identifies 10 valuable skills that complement your skill set to increase your value + explanations

2) It writes a “future avatar” statement where you see how unique and powerful your skill set would be if you followed its advice

3) It creates a learning plan for you with actionable steps to learn the 10 skills

Here’s the prompt:

I need you to become a masterful teacher familiar with Scott Adam’s “Talent Stacking” framework.

For context, [INSERT CONTEXT]

Your mission is to help me identify 10 valuable skills that complement my skill set to increase my value.

The skills follow these constraints:

1. It should take me less than 5 hours to learn the basics of the skill (the 20% that give me 80% of the understanding)
2. The skills should be uncommonly combined (so I become unique)
3. The skills should be versatile

The talent stacking framework explains that any person can make their skill set more valuable rapidly by spending 1-5 hours to learn the basics of a new skill.

Here’s an example to show what I mean:

A data engineer that has studied at university has a quite common skill set.

But if they spend 1-5 hours learning:

Social media

The same scientist would have a much more valuable skill set because they are one of the few data scientists with this broad knowledge.

It’s kind of like this:

If you are top 20% in 5 skills that are uncommonly combined, you will have a skill set that only 0,20*0,20*0,20*0,20*0,20= 0,00032 = 0,03% of people have

This is why talent stacking is an unfair advantage.


Now, do this:

1. Identify 10 valuable skills that complement my skill set to increase my value. For each skill, add a sentence explaining why you picked it
2. Write a “future avatar” statement where you show me how unique and powerful my skill set would be if I followed your advice
3. Create a learning plan for me with actionable steps to learn the 10 skills


  1. Fill in the [INSERT CONTEXT] placeholder with context about yourself and who you are. (If you’ve done the AI Audience Accelerator, write /context to use your pre-written context)

    Make sure to explain:

  • What skills you have right now

  • Where you have your background

  • What you’re working on right now

…to get great output.

Here’s an example of which skill set it wants me to learn:

The 5 essential skills that skyrocket your skills worth (learn these first)

If I were to start from zero again, these are the 5 most essential skills I would learn first:

1) Large Language Model (AI) prompting

This is the most essential one, because if you can do it decently, it can help you become better at ALL other skills.

You can create ChatGPT prompts to improve almost all your skills.

You can create Perplexity prompts to learn almost any skill faster.

2) Networking (talking to people)

Few people openly talk about the importance of networking in success.

But behind the scenes…

…building relationships, expanding your network, and making powerful allies is one of the most powerful things you can do.

However, keep in mind that you can only network well if you bring some other skills to the table - the people you talk with also need to benefit from you.

3) Writing

Writing helps you in a million ways:

  • Clearer thinking

  • Building an audience

  • Persuading other people

  • Reflecting on your own actions

I could go on for hours about this. A must-have skill.

4) Design

Unpopular opinion:

Most brands suck at design, and it’s lowering their brand image.

Sure, content quality matters more than design…

…but that doesn’t mean that design doesn’t matter.

If you just know the basic design principles (for example, the golden ratio) it will give you an edge on everyone who doesn’t.

5) Negotiating

Negotiating means to structure a conversation so that both parts get what they want out of it.

If you learn to align incentives with the person you’re talking to…

…you will get a lot of tailwind.

It’s served me well.

Wrap up

I’ve got so much more to say on this skills worth topic…

…that I can’t really let you go.

If you want to delve even deeper into the topic, here are some previous editions you’ll love:

Last weekend, I went camping with friends.

And guess what, all my copywriting & AI skill stacking didn’t help much.

So once you’ve learned copywriting or AI prompting, read a book

about how to properly start a fire ;)

Keep diving,


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