🐙 How to create 50 hard-hitting tweets from 1 video with Claude

repurpose like Hormozi, Ferriss, and Bloom

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Quick question:

Do you also stare at a blinking cursor as you rack your brain for what to tweet next?

As solopreneurs, cooking up new content constantly falls on us.

Content is this one thing we know we should do, but who the f*ck has time for it?!

I don’t.

So today, I’m going to share a nearly effortless method you can use to increase your content output by 20-50%.

Inside this edition:

  • The power of repurposed content (never ideate again)

  • 2 ways to extract short-form content from videos effortlessly

  • How to write 50 hard-hitting tweets from 1 video with Claude using the Viral-Video-Writer prompt

Letting AI extract key ideas from videos you're watching anyway is an easy way to fill up your content calendar. Time to put those videos to work!

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The power of repurposed content (never ideate again)

I used to think content creation was some magical process reserved for the creative elite.

Those people just had 48 hours extra. Every day.

But the truth is…

You talk about content-worthy ideas every single day - without even realizing it.

That’s why your content creation process should be about capturing the ideas you already have rather than forcefully trying to create new ones from scratch.

Every big creator does that.

Most commonly, people like Alex Hormozi, Sahil Bloom, or even Tim Ferriss turn their long-form podcasts into dozens of short-form clips like these:

Most of the content you see online is repurposed.

Once you realize that, your paradigm of viewing content changes from:

“How can I create more content from scratch?”


“How can I create the most content from what I already have?”

Because the hardest part is getting out the idea for the first time, and content is a volume game.

  • Client calls

  • Team meetings

  • Podcast interviews

  • Calls with your friends

All your stuff likely contains brilliant ideas that deserve more eyeballs.


Repurposing used to take ages, so we never capitalized on this content.

That's where AI comes in.

Here are 2 ways you can turn YouTube videos (or any video, really) into short-form content effortlessly:

2 ways to extract short-form content from videos effortlessly

For video: Use Opus Clip to generate shareable clips

Opus Clip is an AI tool that automatically detects, captions, and creates good 30-60-second

clips from a long video.

To use it:

2) Paste a link to any YouTube video (or upload any video yourself)

3) Wait 10-15 minutes for clips to be generated, then choose the best ones yourself.

It has a free demo and costs money after, but it’s still 100X cheaper than hiring a video editor to do this work.

For tweets: Use ChatGPT / Claude to turn transcripts into tweets

Large language models like Claude & ChatGPT can turn your transcripts into ANYTHING.

LinkedIn posts, newsletters, tweets, you name it.

Today, we’ll focus on tweets for simplicity - but if you wanna write anything else from a video, you can just adjust all these newsletter edition prompts to write posts based on a transcript:

Now, here’s how to use the Viral-Video-Writer to turn transcripts into viral tweets:

How to write 50 hard-hitting tweets from 1 video with Claude using the Viral-Video-Writer prompt

This prompt helps you create 50 tweets from any video transcript:

I want you to write tweets for me based on a transcript.

These tweets are characterized by being extremely original and unique. They are always based on the tone of voice of the creator of the transcript, while still being written in a concise tone.
For context, [INSERT CONTEXT]

Here are some examples of "tweets", separated by [NEW TWEET]:

People's attention spans are FUCKED.

This is why I created a SUPER basic landing page for my course waitlist.

My thoughts:

Give them a short, bite-size overview instead of a long sales page.

Write everything like a tweet.

Result :

The landing page converts at almost 80%.


Understand that ethical wealth creation is possible. If you secretly despise wealth, it will elude you.


Leverage is a force multiplier for your judgement.


If you could choose between two teachers:

1. The Natural
2. The Non-Natural

And they're both equally skilled,

I'd go with the Non-Natural.

A Natural is good at the talent but can struggle teaching it.

A Non-Natural is a great teacher because he wasn't born with the talent.


Some premium Twitter bro advice I’ve seen lately: 

• Smoke cigs to focus
• Take 4 hour ice baths 
• Stare at the sun for energy

Have a day off

What’s is going to be next?

“Inhale paint fumes for creativity”

You make money.
People say you're scamming.

You get jacked.
People say you're on roids.

You grow a following.
People say you bought 'em.

People will talk shit regardless, so do whatever the fuck makes you happy.

Reading is faster than listening. Doing is faster than watching.


Here is the transcript I want you to create tweets from:



Now, do this:

1) Learn what tone of voice and structure characterizes tweets
2) Read the transcript and silently extract 100 ideas from it
3) Based on the constraints I gave you, write 50 new tweets in the tone of voice of the transcript creator for me.

Constraints for the tweets:

1 No hashtags
2 No emojis
3 Concise tone of voice
4 Use complete sentences
5 Don't use exclamation marks
6 Must be shorter than 280 characters
7 Must be in the tone of voice of the transcript creator
  1. Get a transcript from a Youtube video by getting the Glasp Chrome extension

Youtube has a native transcript feature, but I find it tedious to select all of it. Glasp allows you to copy the entire transcript with 1 click.

Once you have Glasp installed, a small “Transcript & Summary” field will pop up under the video, from where you can copy the transcript of any video by unrolling the transcript clicking the copy button.

(If you want to use a meeting / conversation with a friend, record it with Otter and paste the transcript from there)

  1. Paste the transcript into the [INSERT TRANSCRIPT] placeholder in the prompt

  2. Fill in the [INSERT CONTEXT] placeholder with context about yourself and who you are. (If you’ve done the AI Audience Accelerator, write /context to use your pre-written context)

    What I used:

    I am a solopreneur and I write a publication called "The AI Solopreneur". I post content on Twitter, have a community full of AI-driven solopreneurs, and publish a newsletter twice a week. All my content is made specifically about how Solopreneurs can use AI to streamline their business, work faster, and make more money. Most commonly, I talk about different ways to use ChatGPT, but I also introduce solopreneurs to other helpful AI tools and workflows in them. The goal of my content is to attract as many AI-interested solopreneurs (or aspiring solopreneurs) as possible. I want to be the world's best resource for them. I don't know how to code, but I'm fairly skilled at marketing, writing, and investing. In my past, I was a music ghost producer, cryptocurrency investor, and I also took many educational resources to learn about skills related to solopreneurship. I am a big proponent of psychedelics and have positive experiences with them. I don't take myself too seriously.

  3. Review & polish the tweets

Claude was actually much better at writing with this prompt:

some hard-hitting truths, lol

ChatGPT was more… cringe.

Again - you can use this transcript input with any content prompt, including the more advanced prompts in the AI Audience Accelerator, my AI content creation course.


  • The power of repurposed content (never ideate again)

  • 2 ways to extract short-form content from videos effortlessly

  • How to write 50 hard-hitting tweets from 1 video with Claude using the Viral-Video-Writer prompt

Ya boi is back on the sunny side of the southern hemisphere…

I’m heading back into finishing the next course, the AI course creator.

So most of my light exposure will come from my beloved softbox and not the cyprus sun.

I’m so damn excited to share it with you soon.

Keep diving,


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